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3rd Annual Dallas South Asian Film Festival Nov 5th - Nov 8th (1 Viewer)

Ravi K

Supporting Actor
Feb 24, 2003
3rd Annual Dallas South Asian Film Festival runs Nov 5th - Nov 8th

The 3rd Annual Dallas South Asian Film Festival kicks off on November 5th with the Dallas premiere of Cosmopolitan, at the Everest Theaters in Irving. From the writer of Monsoon Wedding and the director of the international award-winning film Chutney Popcorn; Cosmopolitan tells the story of a man who turns to the magazine as his guide to woo another woman after his wife leaves him.

The festival closes with a special reception at the Dallas Museum of Art on Monday November 8th with a screening of the classic Satyajit Ray film - Jalsa Ghar (The Music Room). Screened in Dallas for the very first time on a 16mm black and white print, this is vintage cinema at its very best. This film is a about a music loving zamindar who refuses to change with the times. Made in 1958, this film is an excellent example of Satyajit Ray's ability to evoke mood. The desolation of the crumbling palace is the perfect visual metaphor for Huzar's inner state. For fans of Ray's work, this is a must-see example.

The screening will be preceded by a special Sitar Performance by Amelia Maciszewski, who will also introduce us to some basic concepts about Hindustani Classical music.

See schedule for a listing of events. Visit http://dsaff.org or call 214-292-9492 for more details. Festival passes are available at http://dallas.eknazar.com.


Friday, Nov 5 at Everest Theaters
8:00pm Cosmopolitan
10:00pm Khwab (Awakened Dream)

Saturday, Nov 6 at Everest Theaters
1:00pm Kotreshi Kanasu(*) (Kotreshi's Dreams) [/ib]
4:00pm The Final Solution
8:00pm Cosmic Current
9:00pm DSAFF Shorts Collection(*)

Sunday, Nov 7 at Everest Theaters
1:00pm Baaja
3:00pm Malli
5:00pm Guria, Gossip and Globalization(*)
7:00pm Reinventing the Taliban
8:00pm Patriot Acts
9:00pm Gulabi Aaina (The Pink Mirror)
10:00pm Many People Many Pleasures

Monday, Nov 8 at Dallas Museum of Art
7:00pm Sitar by Amelia Maciszewski
7:30pm Satyajit Ray's Jalsaghar (The Music Room)
9:15pm Closing Remarks
DSAFF Audience Choice Award Announcement
Wine and o'dourves Reception w/ live classical Indian music
Asian Art Exhibit open for DSAFF audience

(*) - Director in attendance.

About the Films
Jalsaghar (the music room) - a classic Satyajit Ray film about a music loving Zamindar who refuses to change with the times. First ever screening in Dallas, if you love classical Hindustani music - don't miss this movie!

Cosmopolitan - from the writer of Monsoon Wedding. After he loses his his wife Gopal reinvents himself using Cosmopolitan magazine as his guide.

Reinventing the Taliban - viewed through the eyes of a Pakistani Muslim woman, this film examines the rise of religous fundamentalists.

Malli - directed by Santosh Sivan (The Terrorist) this is a delightful children's tale about a little girl searching for a cure for her friend.

Baaja - awarded best children's film at 50th Indian National Film Awards.

Gulabi Aaina (the pink mirror) - banned in India for its gay content this Hindi film on drag queens has played at over 35 festivals.

Final Solution - a documentary banned in India, that examines the politics of hate set in the aftermath of the 2002 Hindu/Muslim violence in Gujarat.

and many many more ...
including our famous DSAFF Shorts Collection, Patriot Acts, Cosmic Current, Guria Gossip & Globalization, Many People Many Desires and Khwab. Visit our web site for more details about each film at http://www.dsaff.org.

Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll definatley be there on Monday night—and with luck on Sunday as well.

Do you know of any good restaurants in the area?

Michael Boyd

Second Unit
Sep 19, 2000
Hey, thats at the old movie theater I would go to as a kid in Irving. I saw Star Wars and Raiders there! Was called the Chateau then. Maybe I can check something out.

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