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  1. M

    Is sonos really worth it?

    I close on my new home next week and it has Sonos in the living room and theater room. I plan on adding to the system and wanted to know if it's worth it to stay with
  2. M

    Connecting Sonos speaker to panasonic TV th-32f400a

    This TV panasonic th-32f400a -does not have Bluetooth or wifi - does this mean that I can not connect them together ???
  3. O

    Max room size for Sonos

    I'm building a house with a living room 24' x 21', and open to the kitchen in back. I've been told that a Sonos soundbar w sub wouldn't be big enough for such a room. Anyone care to comment? Thanks.
  4. A

    Best sound card for Sonos 5.1 home theater

    Dear all, TL;DR undecided between ASUS essential STX II, and Creative Sound Blaster ZXR (see comparison below). I am seeking advice on what sound card to buy so it work the best with my rig. For years now I use a Samsung 60” 4K TV as a monitor in my living room, connected to a computer...
  5. C

    Sonos Connect with Pioneer Receiver

    I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-42 and am trying to use a Sonos Connect to stream the input from the receiver to other Sonos speakers throughout the house. It seams that that only RCA output the receiver has is the Zone2 output. So, I have an RCA cable from Zone2 output of the receiver to the input...
  6. N

    Adding sonos to my system

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. Today I`m having a TV and a projector. This is connected from the HDMI output from my yamaha receiver RX something with an HDMI switch, one input and two outputs (tv and projector). On the Yamaha receivers input I have playstation, computer, nintendo switch...
  7. Sam Posten

    Sonos going full multichannel Home Theater

    On June 6th. So we have a ways to wait.... https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/03/sonos-home-theater-event-june-6th/?sr_source=Twitter
  8. dpippel

    SOLD: SONOS ONE Wifi Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa - LIKE BRAND NEW

    ** SOLD **
  9. AlexTurton

    Discrete 5.1 vs sonos

    Hello I need home cinema advice on a potential new setup. I have a 5.1 setup using onkyo 608 + Boston accoutics 5.1 speakers. It was a budget system (c£600) c6 years ago. Recently (despite all efforts to calibrate my setup) I've found the speech/dialogue somewhat lacking / muddy and hard to...
  10. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Bram Stoker's Dracula -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Back in the early days of Blu-ray, there were enough threads discussing precisely what Mr. Coppola's Dracula should look like. I'll not re-visit. The bottom line on Columbia's new 4k release of the film, is that it has the appearance of a veil being lifted from previous releases, that we never...
  11. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Fifth Element -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    The Fifth Element, one of two Luc Besson films, recently released by Columbia / Sony in 4k UHD (the other is Leon: The Professional), is another telling example of precisely what 4k presentations can achieve. While both productions were shot on film -- Leon in 35/4 scope, and Fifth in S35 --...
  12. R

    Wireless atmos options

    Has anyone toyed with using sonos play1 or play 3's as an Atmos height channel? I've been shying away from getting into atmos because I live in an Apt and I dont want to run the cables in wall and I dont want to see them. Is it possible to use a wireless option?
  13. J

    Basement: Sonos or plan B

    Hello fellow home theater enthusiasts, My wife & I are working on remodeling the basement and are at the budgetary phase. My wish to is to add another pair in the house of Sonos PlayBar & Sub. The room will primarily used by teens (not us - we want to have some peace & quiet!) and if we can't...
  14. Adam Gregorich

    Crestron, RTI, URC, whole house audio Sonos, HEOS, HELP!

    We are in the process of selling our home and downsizing a bit. Over the next few months we will need to add a multi-purpose home theater system to the basement, and add a whole house audio system. We currently have Crestron for Audio/HVAC/Lighting control. I could try to install that for...