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Speaker and receiver setup - $2500 budget

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#1 of 13 OFFLINE   Brian Beecher

Brian Beecher


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Posted February 27 2006 - 03:42 AM

I am in the process of looking for a speaker setup for my theater project. I'm checking out all of the local shops but I always appreciate suggestions from this board. The room is 17 x 11 1/2. The ceiling comes to a peak down the center. The flooring will be wood laminate. I will be projecting (screen size not decided on quite yet...) This is my initial thought on how much I have to put into each area. I can definitely make changes, but my total budget is fairly set.

Mains - $700
Center - $300
Surround - $400
Sub - $400-$500

Reciever - $500-$600
DVD Player - $200

I have always been happy with Yamaha receivers and was looking at the rx2500.

I don't have much area in the rear for the surrounds so I was thinking In-ceiling speakers would be a good option.

What do you think about a complete package like from Axiom compared to putting together a system with matching mains & center, a different sub and different surrounds?

If I can find a nice deal by getting last year's model or something along those lines, I defineitely open to that as well.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.


#2 of 13 OFFLINE   SethH



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Posted February 27 2006 - 03:57 AM

Your budget seems broken up pretty well. You might consider some Ascends with an SVS sub (either PB10 or 25-31).

#3 of 13 OFFLINE   Brian Beecher

Brian Beecher


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  • Join Date: Mar 11 2003

Posted February 27 2006 - 04:13 AM

Thanks Seth. I guess I should mention that this system will probably be used for about 75% movie, 25% music. I do love to sit back and enjoy the tunes though...

#4 of 13 OFFLINE   AlanZ



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Posted February 27 2006 - 04:41 AM

Brian: That's pretty exciting that you are putting together an entire system....I thought I'd just throw out a couple tidbits....

First, I strongly recommend an SVS PB-10. It's not only all you need for that room, it'll probably end up being your favorite part of your HT Posted Image

Second, I just thought I'd talk about the whole 'last year's model' option. I'm still relatively new to projectors, but I really wanted to pick one up last fall. At the time my budget was around 1k, and I didn't think there was much I could do with that....boy was I wrong. I took a chance on a Sanyo Z2, which was two models old, but it had great reviews from a few years ago. For the $900 I spent on it, I could not be happier. I even have the thing back like 18' from the screen, with an image size of 120" diagonally. I can't believe how awesome the picture is...particularly HD broadcasts. I thought I might regret really trying to maximize the picture size, but not in the slightest....Everyone who's seen it has been shocked by how awesome it is. On top of that, consider using some screen goo instead of dropping hundreds on a projector screen. Go to www.goosystems.com and read about the stuff....it's very easy to do, and the picture is amazing. Save yourself $500 and put that toward some nicer mains! Posted Image Most people don't even realize that I just painted the screen on the wall unless they go right up to it, lol. Here's a link to the room....the only part of it that is really *done* is the screen...I"m goign to re-do just about everything else.
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Updated Equipment List

#5 of 13 OFFLINE   Yong Chan

Yong Chan

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted February 27 2006 - 05:55 AM

For your speakers, I would look into a Onix

I've heard the Axiom VP150 at a friend's house, but I think that the Rocket RSC200 is the superior center channel. Being that you plan on using your set up for majority HT, this is probably the most imp speaker, IMO. Take a look at the site, give them a call if you find something you might be interested in. I found that I paid a lot less than what they had on their website. You could probably meet your budget if you got a pair of bookshelves, dipole, and center. Match that with a SVS PB10, and I think you will be good to go....Posted Image

#6 of 13 OFFLINE   trevorDO



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Posted February 27 2006 - 07:55 AM

The best think you can do is look at speakers in your price range and let your ears decide for you. I hear a lot of people rave about ascend speakers.

#7 of 13 OFFLINE   GregC


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Posted February 27 2006 - 08:17 AM


Given the wood flooring, you should probably stay away from "bright" speakers (ex. Klipsch). Also, sometimes wood flooring causes subs to sound flabby, so I would invest in some sort of platform for whatever sub you choose. Finally, for music, I would recommend HSU subs.

Good luck with your search!

#8 of 13 OFFLINE   Shane Harg

Shane Harg

    Second Unit

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Posted February 27 2006 - 08:28 AM

Given my limited options for speakers, over here in Japan, and on about the same budget as you, I finally decided on 3 pairs of B&W DM600 S3 speakers, B&W LCR60 S3 center, a KEF PSW2500 sub, and the Yamaha RX-V2600 (DSP-AX2600 over here) reciever. Those little B&Ws have amazing detail and range for the price.

Posted Image

About the only speakers available over here are the standard Japanese makes (Yamaha, Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer, etc. - UGh!) and a few British lines, which are all the rage among Japanese audiophiles, thus my decision, but I don't think I will be (nothing's set up yet) disappointed in the least.

Anyway, there's one option for you, among many.
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#9 of 13 OFFLINE   Brian Beecher

Brian Beecher


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Posted February 28 2006 - 02:41 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't looked at the Rockets before but from what I've been able to find out about them, they are defineitely a possibility.

Can a receiver like the Yamaha rx2500 do a nice job with a pair of speakers like the Rocket 750s or a similar setup? I'm not sure at what point you need to get into seperate amps, but I'm already pushing my budget towards the edge of the cliff as it is.

#10 of 13 OFFLINE   Blaine_M


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Posted February 28 2006 - 04:11 AM

I'd think that reciever would run the Rockets fine. They are 6 ohm speakers I think, not 8. The kicker is the rocket center channel, it is a 4 ohm monster and runs $600. They did make a smaller version that you might be able to find used, but it is no longer available on the web site. I have the SVS PB-10....amazing sub for the $, you will not find anything better in that price range.

#11 of 13 OFFLINE   Jacob C

Jacob C

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Posted February 28 2006 - 09:30 AM

The rockets might push you budget a bit but go for the larger center if you go that route. My understanding is that speaker is a total gem. I'd personally go with the ascend SE's. At your pricepoint I might go with an SVS sub but I would still consider HSU.

#12 of 13 OFFLINE   Alex Prosak

Alex Prosak

    Supporting Actor

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Posted February 28 2006 - 06:19 PM

While retail price on the 200 center is $600, they have package prices that really bring the entire system into the affordable range though they'd still push your budget a bit. The only center speaker I've heard that IMHO competes with the 200 is a B&W Nautilus HTM1 and that is a $2000 center channel. The 750's have recently been replaced with the 760's. All in all, very good speakers and I'm extremely pleased with mine. Combined with my PB-2+ (now the PB12-Plus/2 or something like that), it is a tooth loosening experience when I crank it up.

For your size room the PB-10 will do just fine and the Yamaha receiver will run the Rockets just fine. Separates in your price range isn't an option.

Good luck!

#13 of 13 OFFLINE   Brian Beecher

Brian Beecher


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Posted March 01 2006 - 04:19 AM

Well, I took the first step. I ordered a pair of rosewood Rocket 750's off the B-stock list for under $800. I talked to Mark, who owns the comapny, and he said if I wasn't happy with them I could return them even though they were B stock. He also said that when I'm ready to order more he would still give me the package price. Really nice and helpful guy. I don't have the speakers yet but I can defineitely recommend the service!