Skyworth announces new TVs and scoops awards at CES

Shenzhen-based Skyworth held a global media launch at Caesar’s during CES in which it introduced seven TV models and announced a new global brand strategy. The company also picked up a 2018-2019 Global TV Brands Gold Award gong for its 65S9A/XA9000 TV.

The 65S9A/XA9000 includes a PQ processor and AI smart ecosystem, the latter of which which supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and which the company says can become the center of a smart home. The Chinese manufacturer also showed off its 65W80, which features Dolby Vision HDR and a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar, with local dimming on its backlit 65″ LCD panel. As part of the new lineup, Skyworth announced a 43″ Bedroom Sunny TV and an 82″ Flush Mount TV display.

Skyworth intends to become a “global intelligent hardware manufacturer and a global smart system provider” with its home-grown mantra “Open, Share, Win-win,” and the vision of the company is to integrate “hardware, system, content and AIOT” into an intelligent solution. The company says it will improve the audiences’ viewing experiences with large-screen intelligent ecological products, realizing a transformation from product marketing to product experience.

Given the not-altogether convincing or comprehensible English translations of their recent press announcements, it seems Skyworth might have some way to go before achieving its global ambitions. Notwithstanding, you can check out the manufacturer’s competitive pricing and US availability on

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  1. Not one story on these guys from the american press. Be very cautious. If they can introduce OLED sets at a bargain basement price then maybe they will have a story, but saying they scooped awards is ludicrous.

  2. Yeah, their website is a hoot!

    "AI PQ Processor: It has four mainly functions"

    "Magnetic Loudspeaker: Comprehensive enhancement of sound"

    "Dolby + DTS: Sound from nature"

    "Five-grade Protection: Comprehensive protection for your TV. Through a number of tests, get a number of certifications, the safe TV provides your family the most effective protection."


  3. Martin Dew

    I'm just the messenger, Sam, and this was put out on several wires, but hopefully my last paragraph inferred that the information should probably be taken with a health warning.

    My position is that if you post it here at HTF you are putting HTF's name in endorsing the message in your title. Perhaps I'm wrong on that, but that's the impression that I get.

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