Nick Redman (1955-2019)

Its with great sadness that we heard about the passing of Nick Redman today.  He was a great friend not only to Home Theater Forum, but to music and movie fans everywhere.  Our thoughts and prayers go to his wife Julie and all of the Twilight Time family.  Here is a link to his obituary in Variety.

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  1. It is devastating. It knocked the wind out of me.

    Those who just thought Nick was just one of the partners of Twilight Time releases, please dig out there. Without Nick I cant imagine how many film scores would be lost or left to detoriate in the vaults.

    My heart is with Julie Kirgo and his family.

  2. What terribly sad news. Film fans everywhere are in Mr. Redman’s debt and I feel like we have all lost a dear friend. I enjoyed getting to know him both here on the HTF and on Facebook, and I’ll miss his wit, humour and kindness very much. My heart goes out to Julie, his daughter, and his family and friends.

  3. I’m very saddened hearing this news. Over the last several years since the early days of Twilight Time we had many good conversations. He will be missed by many and I send condolences to Julie, his family and friends.

  4. My condolences to his family.

    Like many here, I never met the man in person, but from years of reading his writings here and elsewhere, and from listening to his commentaries, I felt like I knew him.

    His unique voice, insights and passion will be missed. He leaves behind an incredible legacy.

  5. My deepest condolences to Julie Kirgo and to Nick Redman’s Family.
    It was Nick and his company who got me into collecting classic cinema. Both he and Julie accepted me as a friend on FB and it was such a privilege being able to talk directly with them about our love for classic movies.

    Godspeed Nick Redman.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family and Julie. His writing on film, numerous commentaries, directing of movie extras, and love of film will be greatly missed. Once I really started collecting BluRays, TT was one of my favorite labels and the many overlooked films that they released that never would've seen a home video release.

  7. Very sad news indeed. Mr. Redman’s contribution to film and music preservation is considerable and one that has enriched the lives of so many of us.
    My deepest condolences to Julie Kirgo and all of Mr. Redman’s family at this time of loss.
    RIP Nick Redman and thank you for being part of our lives through your work.

  8. A great, great loss to the industry, to his family, and to those of us at HTF who have either met him in person on several occasions or felt as though they knew him from internet interactions and listening to his masterful commentaries on a host of film discs.

    A sad day and an even sadder loss for us all. R.I.P.

  9. First Carol Channing, now him. How awful it is to have heard this news. Thank goodness that when Nick was alive, he was able to contribute an invaluable service to further the preservation of movie music.

  10. Mr. Redman's commentaries (and not just for TT titles — I coincidentally listened to his track on THE OMEN last night, before this news hit) usually began with "Hello, I'm Nick Redman…film historian, documentary filmmaker and record producer," and I simply knew I was in good and knowledgeable hands. The man was so astute and succinct that I learned a ton of information about the film he was commenting on, often in the role of interviewer, asking all the right and pertinent questions of those sharing the track with him while adding his own anecdotes to the mix.

    I, too, was aware he hadn't been well, and it was cancer that killed him (as it has about every other person I've known in and outside of my family). This disease could be controlled or even eradicated if the government would properly fund the research. Meanwhile, because it isn't, we lose a Nick Redman far too often and way-y too young.

    If you are somehow reading this, sir, my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful work. Best to Julie in the wake of this awful news.

  11. I'm deeply saddened by this news. What a friend to soundtrack and film collectors. Whenever I saw that there was a commentary by Mr. Redman, it became a must have. My thoughts go to Julie Kirgo and his family.

  12. Im also am saddened by this, I was proud to be a friend with him for many years on social media and enjoyed having the occasional chit chat with him. The only good thing is that he is in a better place…

  13. I was fortunate to meet him and Julie at the last HTF Meet and was honored to be included as one of his Facebook friends, despite only meeting him briefly. I’m saddened by the news of his death, and my heart goes out to Julie and his daughter, whom I know he loved so dearly.

    RIP Nick. I will think of you often.

  14. What very sad news indeed, especially to those of us who collect the classic films that Nick Redman released on the Twilight Time label. I had the pleasure of corresponding with him several times and he came across as a very kind, friendly gentleman. His lively commentaries with partner Julie Kirgo were a highlight of numerous TT discs and he will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to Julie and Nick's family. Let's hope that Julie and Nick's business partner (Brian Jamieson?) will continue releasing titles on TT, as Nick would surely have wanted.

  15. So very sad to hear of Nick’s passing. Rest in Peace. Sincere condolences to Julie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many gifts of Cinema art that I treasure dearly!

  16. NIck was such a wonderful man.
    2 years ago I met and talked with Julie Andrews and she expressed excitement about an audio commentary for STAR!. I gave Julie Nick’s information. I know they had communicated about it. Sadly Fox never went through the restoration of STAR! for Blu Ray.
    Rest in Peace kind Nick

  17. Rest in Peace. I didn't know Nick, but I definitely know the enormous legacy he's left behind.


    Twilight Time is my favorite boutique studio by a longshot.

    There are so many small gems that aren't "on brand" for Criterion and wouldn't generate the kind of sales volume that the major studios require. Of the smaller distributors that cater to this niche, Twilight Time is by far the best. You can buy one of their releases and rest assured that even if it doesn't look perfect, it looks as good as it can without restoration based on the currently available elements.

  18. very saddened by this loss, sympathies to Julie and the rest of his family. Only knew of him from this board and the work of his that proudly is on numerous shelves among many of the members on this forum. His choices were intriguing and dare i say, sometimes embolden; Zulu, because he loved the film. The importance of The Birth of a Nation, even though it is what it is. The Isolated scores, and i became aware, the same day that Beat the Devil arrived on my doorstep, RIP.

  19. Such incredibly sad news. Almost any time Nick Redman's name is mentioned, it's in conjunction with his generosity, knowledge and passion. He followed his dreams to the benefit of us all, and his fine legacy will ensure he'll never be forgotten.

    My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved him. Rest in peace.

  20. This came as a great shock and I am so very sad to read this news.

    When the Hello, Dolly! movie soundtrack album was released on CD 24 years ago, I noted that he was the producer of the album, and I wrote to him, lamenting that it was a strict repeat of the LP; I was disappointed that the wonderful Main Title music, dance music, exit music, etc had not been included, especially since he had recently produced expanded soundtrack CD issues of The Sound of Music, Star! and other 20th/Fox properties.

    Somehow Mr. Redman found my phone number and called me one afternoon – and he spent at least an hour on the phone with me explaining (in his lilting British accent) that the rights owner of the Hello, Dolly! CD release (Philips at the time IIRC) was unwilling to pay the additional ASCAP fees that would be assessed, and, further, he had to convince them to release it at all. He put up with a barrage of questions from me, not only about Hello, Dolly!, but The Sound of Music and Star!, and I have never forgotten his generous and gracious outreach to a total stranger.

  21. Words can’t express my emotions. It’s very sad. What will happen to film scores? I sure hope TT can go on despite his passing. I hope his legacy of isolated films scores will
    Also go on.

    Condolences to his family wife, Mrs. Kirgo.

  22. I'd like to take a quick second to bring attention to a commentary that Nick recorded last year that didn't get much attention here – I think it's worth mentioning. It was on the Twilight Time release for the Brandon Lee martial arts action film "Rapid Fire." The film itself wasn't anything great, but it was a decent early 90s action movie filled with impressive martial arts action. But what made the disc itself truly noteworthy was the commentary that Nick recorded with the film's composer, Christopher Young. Nick leads the conversation, getting Young to open up not only about his experiences working on that particular film, but also on everything that goes into being a movie composer. I've loved film scores all my life, and I've read plenty of interviews with my favorite film composers, but I've never read or listened to anything that provided as much insight into the day to day process as that track did.

    That commentary should be required listening for anyone thinking about making a career of film scoring.

  23. My deepest condolence to Julie Kirgo and the rest of Mr. Redman's family. Everything I've read about him indicates he was a real gentleman, a fount of knowledge about the movie business, and an irreplaceable force and voice in the home video market. It was always a bit amazing to me that Twilight Time started as essentially a two-man operation, and yet in a few short years the label released hundreds of great, underrated and often offbeat catalog titles in high-def that otherwise most likely would have remained in limbo. Probably every classic movie enthusiast and collector owes Mr. Redman a debt of gratitude.

  24. I'd just like to say that I know how much Nick would appreciate these heartfelt comments. As some of you know, he was one of my best friends, perhaps my best for the past thirty years. I can't imagine a world without him, but alas, I now have to. He was one-of-a-kind.

  25. As others have said, we are all so lucky to have been the beneficiaries of his love and dedication to film and film music and his hard work to bring fellow fans the best quality he could on anything he worked on.

    Speaking of his many wonderful commenteries, my personal favorite of his is probably the one he did with Sally Field on the TT Places in the Heart blu-ray.

    Rest in peace. And thank you for the gifts you’ve left behind.

  26. I missed this thread as I rarely look at the sticky threads, what a shock!
    My deepest condolences go to Julie Kirgo and to Nick's family during this hard time.

    We'll watch one of our many Twilight Time releases today in what I think is a fitting tribute to Nick, he brought so many movies to us that the studios weren't willing to release on Blu-ray, thank you Nick!

  27. Nick was a class act, as is his wife, Julie. For those unfortunates having never had the opportunity to meet Nick or Julie, you should know that some of their style and class comes through in the Twilight Time product, between their selection of titles and Julie's fascinating essays.

    I first met them both some years ago, and had the pleasure of dining with them both on various occasions. The dinners were filled with stimulating conversations about film, music, and other things. Ever since I reviewed The Egyptian for the Home Theater Forum, I have acquired every single one of the releases from Twilight Time. I cannot say that every film is a classic to me, but I know when I "blind buy" a Twilight Time release that there is a high probability that I will be exposed to a fine film experience. The only title I never acquired through Screen Archives or the Twilight Time website was the original release of Fright Night(1985), and the only reason that I did not purchase that title is that it was an instant sell-out. I mentioned this in one of our discussions in appreciation of the company's releases, and Nick did not forget it.

    The next time I saw Nick, he had remembered our earlier conversation, and brought along a copy of Fright Night for me so that it would complete my collection! Twilight Time already had my brand loyalty before this gesture, but that kind act by Nick sealed it for me. Even though Nick is no longer with us, I intend to continue expanding my horizons with Twilight Time for so long as they continue releasing new product.

    It has been a few years since I saw Nick and Julie in person, but we kept in touch through Facebook, as we do as time marches on with so many of our friends and acquaintances. Others have said it better, but I believe that we are never really gone so long as there are others left to remember us, and I will always remember Nick's kindness and generosity when I think of him.

  28. If you happen to own a copy of THE WILD BUNCH on Blu-ray but haven't yet reviewed the supplements, note that one of the documentaries featured ("A Simple Adventure Story: Sam Peckinpah, Mexico and The Wild Bunch") contains footage of Mr. Redman sharing his on-the-scene thoughts about the film's locations years after the fact. He also co-produced and narrated the 1996 Oscar-nominated documentary "The Wild Bunch: An Album In Montage," an excerpt of which is also included in this Blu-ray. The disc also contains his commentary, shared with three other writers. I surely do wish WB would remaster this film in 4K and carry over all of the delightful bonus materials.

  29. Just responding now, he created something for us cinefiles that have longed to have these films on Blu Ray. The first Twilight Time I got was Lenny. Finally and all the Woody Allen films that MGM/UA didn’t want to release and the Oliver Stone films. He will be missed. Thank you Nick.

  30. My condolences are sincerely reflective of all those who have left messages;
    yet, there are a few others to which my thoughts have been with.
    Brian Jamieson, Mike Finnegan and Lem Dobbs;
    so quietly in the background, yet integral to all that we have felt.

  31. I just received my region free blu ray of Ship Of Fools from England this week which has a Nick Redman/Julie Kirgo commentary. I'm looking forward to listening to it. I suspect that Twilight Time will release it here at some point.

  32. Thomas T

    I just received my region free blu ray of Ship Of Fools from England this week which has a Nick Redman/Julie Kirgo commentary. I'm looking forward to listening to it. I suspect that Twilight Time will release it here at some point.

    I think it is still with Mill Creek I believe they indicated on the TT thread they did not plan to release it … subject to change of course …
    View attachment 55377

  33. Just found about this on the HTF just now — truly sad news — for me, seeing a Sam Peckinpah movie is not complete without sitting through it again and listening to Nick and friends' commentary track — am amazed to this day that the different studios who owned the rights to these movies would let Nick and co do commentary tracks on each and every one of Sam's greatest movies — obviously they knew how great Nick and co were and jumped at the chance to have them included on the dvds/blurays.

    I look forward to listening to Nick's dulcet tones for many years to come, truly someone who loved movies and went that extra mile (or light year in some cases) to get them out of the archives and vaults and back into circulation, to life, working their magic for new generations.

    I was always quietly envious of someone who could do that after all the wishing and hoping routines most movie buffs survive on and have done so for decades as movie titles slowly retreat back into the darkness of the eternal film vault — thanks Nick for breaking some of them out for us!

  34. Haven't been back here for some time, but I'm deeply saddened to hear of Nick's passing. I can only echo what Timothy says above: "Nick was a class act, as is his wife, Julie."

    The world needs more Nick and Julies – knowledgeable, passionate, articulate, and above all, capable of turning their dreams into reality.

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