Q Acoustics has introduced the Q B12, the first in a new range of “powerful” subwoofers and which are designed to complement the company’s own Q Acoustics’ 3000i and Concept 5.1 speaker range. The sub can be purchased alone, of course, but is available in a matching finish (black and white vinyl) to the Q Acoustics 3000i range and priced at $599, or in a matching finish (black and white gloss) to the Q Acoustics Concept range for $799.

The QB12 sports a long-throw 12-inch driver with “high sensitivity and superb dynamics” and is powered by a low distortion 220W Texas Instruments TPA3255 Class D amplifier. The company says that this is its largest and most powerful subwoofer so far and includes an active limiter and a proprietary PurePath Ultra-HD amplifier tech to minimize distortion and promote a more “forceful” sound.

A die-cast aluminum heat sink on the rear panel cools both the amp and power supply and a 0º/180º phase switch allows for optimal integration with L/R speakers. Q Acoustics has also installed a “dart brace” internal design inside the MDF cabinet to support the 12-inch driver and therefore facilitate smoother low-end performance, and reduce resonance and unwanted vibrations.

Adjustable spiked feet provide additional support when the Q B12 is placed on carpets, while optional rubber caps for wooden and other hard surfaces are also provided. The rear panel panel of the sub includes a cable management feature which allows plugs to be hidden and cables passed through the subwoofer’s base.

The Q B12 will be available from January 2020 in the US, and is also included in the following 5.1 speaker packages: Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 PLUS ($1,295), Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 PLUS ($1,845) and Q Acoustics Concept 5.1 PLUS ($2999). For more information, go to the Q Acoustics website.

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Martin Dew