xbox,ps2,gc,n64,saturn,snes bundle f/t...dvds too

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    this is what i have up for grabs:

    halo limited edition xbox...all hookups
    4 microsoft controllers
    microsoft dvd playback kit
    madkatz memory card

    nfl street
    madden 2005
    links 2004
    espn nhl 2k5
    ncaa 2005/top spin bundle
    oddworld munch's oddysee
    the sims
    the sims bustin out
    the urbz sims in the city
    star wars the clone wars/tetris bundle
    need for speed underground
    grand theft auto vice city
    xbox music mixer
    cabela's dangerous hunts
    outlaw golf 9 holes of xmas
    fuzion frenzy
    chronicles of rid****
    gamesaves(action replay)

    slim pstwo...all hookups
    sony brand dualshock controller
    2 intec cordless controllers
    3 ps2 memory card...2 sony brand , nyko brand
    sony brand dvd playback kit

    dragonballz saga's-sealed
    dragonball z saga's
    metal gear solid 3 snake eater-sealed
    dragonball z budokai 2
    midnight club 3 dub edition
    wwe smackdown vs. raw
    yugioh the duelists of the roses
    tony hawk underground x2
    manhunt x2
    katamari damacy
    namco museum
    sly cooper
    dynasty warriors 4 xtreme legends
    ddr max w/pad(pad in poor shape)
    espn nfl 2k5 x2
    madden 2005
    nfl 2k3-sealed
    final fantasy vii-ps -disc only

    black gamecube...all hookups
    2 3rd party controllers

    metroid prime
    mario party 5
    nhl hitz pro-no artwork
    007 agent under fire-no artwork
    sims bustin out
    wave race blue storm
    007 nightfire
    mortal kombat deadly alliance
    turok evolution

    n64...all hookups
    3 controllers
    games are cartridge only:

    bio freaks
    cruis'n world
    legend of zelda majora's mask
    fifa 98
    pokemon snap
    wwf attitude
    wwf wrestlemania 2000
    wwf warzone
    wcw vs. nwo world tour(poor shape)
    kobe bryant in nba courtside
    automobili lamborghini

    snes...all hookups
    games are cartridge only:

    mario paint
    super mario world
    donkey kong country

    psone(small model)
    2 controllers

    sega saturn
    games are disc only:

    road rash
    street fighter alpha

    in living color season one
    in living color season 2
    mel gibson collection-sealed
    nypd blue season one-sealed
    the rolling stones four flicks
    king of the hill season 3
    reno nine one one season one

    looking for:
    decent computer w/cdrw
    xbox 360
    resident evil 0-gamecube
    resident evil -gamecube
    resident evil 3-gamecube
    OZ seasons
    desperate housewives season
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  3. jim carpenter

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    May 31, 2003
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