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Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players) (1 Viewer)


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Aug 18, 2001
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Originally Posted by RyanAn ">[/url]

Hey! They are all serious gamers, but I'm not sure their lighting preferences. They are all about LCD and say Plasma is icky. ;0 I always wanted to go DLP, but then I heard from one friend that people are saying it's not all it's cracked up to be. I really don't know, so I'm asking around. Haven't really been steared wrong that often on here. heh.[/QUOTE]DLP RPTV was the way to go for overall performance and value, particularly if you want a very big set (w/out going to a PJ). But that market has just about died out it seems w/ only Mits remaining (and typically charging a premium for theirs).

I can imagine serious gamers going for LCD, but honestly, cheap LCDs are pretty bad even for games I'd think. Tons of motion blur and poor off-whites and dark grays -- that is, if they even have those.

Chris Brunner

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May 9, 1999
I sure wish Oppo was having a killer Black Friday sale.

I showed my wife the URL for the BDP-83, but she can't justify the price when so many other players are dipping below $150.


Jun 5, 2004
Originally Posted by Man-Fai Wong ">[/url]

DLP RPTV was the way to go for overall performance and value, particularly if you want a very big set (w/out going to a PJ). But that market has just about died out it seems w/ only Mits remaining (and typically charging a premium for theirs).

I can imagine serious gamers going for LCD, but honestly, cheap LCDs are pretty bad even for games I'd think. Tons of motion blur and poor off-whites and dark grays -- that is, if they even have those.


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Mar 4, 2001
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Originally Posted by RyanAn /forum/thread/295032/black-friday-2...-bds-videogames-hdtvs-players/30#post_3632229


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Mar 4, 2001
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Good deal for certain Blu Ray players at Amazon: Bought the Panasonic BD60, Up, Monsters Inc, and Cars with my Discover Card for a total of $125 (before tax).


Feb 12, 2007
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Source: Price-Adjustment.com

[COLOR= rgb(255, 0, 0)]Cheapest Amazon Blu-ray Movies[/COLOR] 11/26

$6++ ...
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The World's Biggest and Baddest Bugs [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Mars: The Quest for Life [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Gettysburg: The Battle and the Address [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Africa's Elephant Kingdom [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Beauty of Snakes [/COLOR]

$7++ ...
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Terminator [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]I Am Legend [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]GoodFellas [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Silence of the Lambs [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ghost Rider (Extended Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dirty Dancing (20th Anniversary Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Punisher [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Revenge (Unrated Director's Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Salem Witch Trials [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Costa Rica [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Man Who Saved Christmas [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Angel in the Family [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Rocky Mountains [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]10.5 Apocalypse: The Complete Miniseries [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Woods Have Eyes [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Supernova [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Mortuary [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Eye on Extreme Monster Trucks [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]American Psycho [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Flowers & Gardens [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Alexander, Revisited - The Final Cut [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Final Days of Planet Earth [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Transporter [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Searchers [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Blackbeard [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Tim Burton's Corpse Bride [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Stargate (Extended Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Departed [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Reservoir Dogs (15th Anniversary) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Knight's Tale [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Live Free or Die Hard [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Last Sentinel [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Into the Blue [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Underworld (Unrated) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]No Way Back [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Scanner Darkly [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]V for Vendetta [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Total Recall [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dogma [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Bali [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Sacred Canyons of the American Southwest [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Pacific Coast [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Big White [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Salvage [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Striking Distance [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Christmas Visitor [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Cruel World [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Mysterious Island [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Black Mask [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Wild Africa [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Blow [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Final Patient [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Colt [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Pink Panther [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Eye on Extreme Professional Bull Riding [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Winter Wonderland [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Fall in New England [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Road House (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Curse of King Tut's Tomb: The Complete Miniseries [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Remastered) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Lake House [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Music and Lyrics [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Restored) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: World's Most Beautiful Mountains [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Poseidon Adventure [/COLOR]

$8++ ...
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Bullitt [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Interview with the Vampire [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Passion of the Christ (Definitive Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Raging Bull [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Speed [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]U-571 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Wyatt Earp [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Happily N'Ever After [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]See No Evil [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]King Of New York [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Over America [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Artie Lange's Beer League [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Category 7: The End of the World [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Virtual Fireplace: Home for Christmas [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Camille [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Baby on Board [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Last Time I Saw Paris [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Terror [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Unforgiven [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rambo III [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Commando [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Short Circuit [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Saw [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Saw II [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]2001: A Space Odyssey [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rambo - First Blood Part II [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ultimate Avengers Collection [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Courage Under Fire [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Aviator [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Jack and the Beanstalk [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Ten Commandments [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Saving God [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]National Lampoon's Van Wilder (Unrated) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Die Another Day [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]From Russia with Love (James Bond) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Young Guns [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Blu Ray Experience: Opera and Ballet Highlights [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ronin [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Kickboxer [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Cutthroat Island [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Spaceballs [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods: FIRE [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Blazing Saddles [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Chaos [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Night Train [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Never Say Never Again [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Waiting... (Unrated and Raw) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Ninth Gate [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Elsewhere [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods: Trains [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Basic Instinct (Unrated Director's Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Cozy Cracklin' Fireplace [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Replicant [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Fireplace Vol 2 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Stir of Echoes [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Robocop [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Devil's Rejects (Unrated) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]First Blood [/COLOR]

$9++ ...
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Over Alaska [blu-ray][/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A History of Violence [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Point Break [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ocean's Eleven (Widescreen Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Sentinel [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Washington the Beautiful [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Pathfinder [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ocean's Eleven [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Phantom of the Opera [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Batman: The Movie [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Entrapment [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Flight of the Phoenix [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Michael Clayton [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]2007-2008 NBA Champions - Boston Celtics [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Breed [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods Mountains [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods Flowers [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The X-Files - Fight the Future [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Constantine [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Predator [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Clockwork Orange [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire: Live at the Greek Theatre [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Traitor (+ Digital Copy) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Freddy vs. Jason [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Swordfish [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Bridge Too Far [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk (IMAX) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rescue Dawn [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Risky Business [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Out of Time (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Being There [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Mr. Brooks [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Flyboys [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Under Siege 2: Dark Territory [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Last Chance Harvey [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Righteous Kill [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dark Blue (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Carrie [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Behind Enemy Lines [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Beerfest (Unrated) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Species [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Omega Man [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Proposition [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Chronos [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Amityville Horror [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Trans-Siberian [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Sublime (Unrated) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rest Stop - Don't Look Back [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Gothika [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - California Redwoods [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Salvage/Mortuary [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Over California [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]10. 5 Apocalypse/Category 7: The End of the World [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Coral Reef Adventure (IMAX) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Navy Seals (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Manilow Live [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Jewel of the Nile [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Immortal [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Run, Fat Boy, Run [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Antwone Fisher [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Pelican Brief [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Christmas Memories [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Beneath the Planet of the Apes [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Unfaithful [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Tropic Thunder (Unrated Director's Cut + BD Live) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Walking Tall (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]LCD/Plasma Ultimate HD Experience: Africa [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Point of No Return [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]American History X [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Final Destination [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Sunshine Cleaning [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Graduate (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rollerball (+ Widescreen DVD) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Wedding Singer (Totally Awesome Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Quantum of Solace [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods Blu Ocean [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Children of the Corn [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]P.S. I Love You [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Otis: Uncut [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Reds (25th Anniversary Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Babel [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]House of 1000 Corpses [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Hart's War [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rising Sun [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Superman - The Movie [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Transporter 2 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Scooby-Doo [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Wedding Crashers [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Bulletproof Monk [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Windtalkers [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Condemned [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Home of the Brave [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dark City (Director's Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]License to Wed [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]In the Valley of Elah [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Usual Suspects [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rumor Has It [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Last Waltz [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Perfect Storm [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Under Siege [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Descent (Original Unrated Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Fountain [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Crash [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Halloween [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Wicker Man (2006) (Rated and Unrated) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% is Santa? [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Wild Bunch [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Battle of Britain [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]There Will Be Blood [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Spiderwick Chronicles [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Hoosiers [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Napoleon Dynamite [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Omen [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Amusement [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Igor [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Rest Stop: Dead Ahead [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Heathers [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Every Which Way But Loose [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Time to Kill [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Universal Soldier [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (DVD + Digital Copy) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Wanted [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Boondock Saints [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Spider-Man 3 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Braveheart (Sapphire Series) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Underworld: Rise of the Lycans [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Gladiator (Sapphire Series) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [/COLOR]

$10++ ...
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Lonesome Dove (2-Disc Collector's Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Lucky Number Slevin [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Romancing the Stone [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Lethal Weapon [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Yule Log-Christmas By the Fireplace [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Chain Reaction [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Drumline (Special Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Black Christmas [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]French Connection 2 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Phone Booth [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]LCD/Plasma Ultimate HD Experience [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods: Chihuly in Nature [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Animalia: Welcome to the Kingdom [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Over Ireland [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Blue Thunder [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Reader [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Out for Justice [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Beetlejuice [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Screen Dreams: Living Fireplace, Vol. 2 [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - World's Most Beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Purple Rain [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Me, Myself & Irene [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]A Stained Glass Christmas with Heavenly Carols (Widescreen) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]House of Wax [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Fly [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Eyes Wide Shut [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Battle of the Bulge [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Broken Arrow [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dude Where's My Car [Blu-Ray] [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Donnie Darko [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Living Landscapes: Earthscapes - Olympic Rainforest [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Mist (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods Aquarium [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Gauntlet [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Body Heat [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Vicky Cristina Barcelona [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Soul Men [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Zack and Miri Make a Porno [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Holiday Fire [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Full Metal Jacket (Deluxe Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Last Samurai [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Training Day [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Spy Game [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Before the Devil Knows You're Dead [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Friday Night Lights [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose: Morocco [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Fallen Ones (Ws Ac3 Dol) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Lost [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Girl Next Door [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Man From Earth (Ws) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Hellboy:Sword of Storms/Blood & Iron [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Getaway (1972) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Spiral [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]He Was a Quiet Man [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dreamgirls (Two-Disc Showstopper Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Moody Blues: Lovely to See You - Live [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Over the Top [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Ocean's Thirteen [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Man on the Moon (40th Anniversary Edition) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Beat the Devil [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]End of Days [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Postman [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods Beaches [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]HD Moods Fireplace [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The New World (The Extended Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Dawn of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Flesh for The Beast (Uncut) [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Leatherheads [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Casino [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Roy Orbison: Black & White Night [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]The Magic of Flight [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]America the Beautiful [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]Virgin Territory [/COLOR]

Brian W. Ralston

Supporting Actor
Apr 4, 1999
Los Angeles, CA
Real Name
Brian W. Ralston
WalMart.com ONLINE ONLY has the Blu-Ray box set of the HBO mini-series John Adams for $24.86...down from $79.98 retail. Can ship for free if you choose pickup at a local WalMart...if you have one close to you. Otherwise shipping is not too much.

Just search for "John Adams Blu-Ray"

A pretty smoking deal on a great mini-series all from the comfort of your own home.


Senior HTF Member
Nov 7, 2006
Real Name
William Hughes
Happy National Day of INSANITY!

I "Mopped Up" this morning with the following Movies from Wallys

Blazing Saddles
The Day the Earth Stood Still

Men in Black II
Monsters vs Aliens
The Simpsons Movie
Speed Racer

All for less than $30.00


Senior HTF Member
Mar 4, 2001
Catfisch Cinema
Real Name
Onkyo SR707 for $499 at Amazon right now. Best price I've seen. $10 off with Discover Card. And I was offered Amazon Prime 1-mo trial with the order.

Well, that's my luxury purchases for the next 12 months

Jeff Meyers

Supporting Actor
Feb 21, 2003
Originally Posted by RyanAn ">[/url]

Man... I'm on so many sites at the moment, seeing if I can save myself some effort in a store tomorrow after my shit at 9am.

[/QUOTE]I've never heard of anyone having their BM's scheduled that precisely!

Adam Lenhardt

Senior HTF Member
Feb 16, 2001
Albany, NY
Started at Best Buy around 8 am and got Gran Torino and Wanted for $6.99 each. Crowd control was excellent: all cash registers open, roped off lines, full staff. Went to the Super Walmart down the street. At 260,000 sq. feet, it's the largest Walmart in the US, but strangely they didn't have any Black Friday deals out. Tried Target, which was sold out of everything I wanted. Same story with Sears. Hit the other Walmart on the other side of town, which did have all of the Black Friday deals out, and picked up the single-disc Quantum of Solace for $9.00. I'm happy.


Senior HTF Member
Mar 4, 2001
Catfisch Cinema
Real Name
Best Buy does the best job on BF of any retailer I've shopped. (And contrast to now-defunct Circuit City which, by store design and management, increased consumer confusion and chaos.)

First thing, about 8am, I checked Amazon and found a $499 deal for the Onkyo 707! Consulted with my accountant and she said, "I don't care. Whatever you want." Bought and done. Wife and I then went to BestBuy about 9am and bought a cordless phone for parents and printer ink for home. On a whim, I checked BB's price on the Onkyo receiver: they had it for $499 too! I bought it there, planning to cancel the Amazon order.

Over to Target, to get a $25 iTunes card for $20. Then to Sears for a $5 SD card, but sold out. And some jeans.

Back home, to cancel my Amazon order. But in the two hours since ordering, Amazon had processed the order, sent the 707 out for shipping and it couldn't be canceled. So back to BB to return that receiver later today. Stupid Amazon for having speedy order fulfillment! ;)

Ric Easton

Senior HTF Member
Feb 6, 2001
Hit Best Buy early this am and snagged Smallville Season 8 and the Blu-ray of Wolverine for 10 bucks a pop. Hit Target and picked up Gone with the Wind and Gremlins Blu-rays for 12.99, then went to Walmart and got Gladiator, Braveheart and Risky Business in Blu for 10.00 each. Not a bad haul for a morning's work! The only snag was trying to determine with Blu-rays at Walmart were going for 10 bucks other than those in the ad, because they were not properly marked at my Wally World. Got lucky with Risky Biz, but Serenity had to go back, cuz it was 19.99, even though it was in the same section!

Malcolm R

Senior HTF Member
Feb 8, 2002
Real Name
Despite my misgivings about Black Friday, I was out and about doing other errands anyway so I stopped by the local Walmart around 1pm to see if they had any deals left. To my surprise, they still had a ton of DVD specials left. Picked up Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Constantine on Blu for $10 each, plus a good assortment of other DVD's for $2 to $9 each. Also got an HP printer/scanner/copier for $25.

Surprisingly the crowds at Walmart were not bad at all when I went. I was going to stop at Big Lots too, but I walked in the store and the checkout lines were a mile long, so I just walked back out. I don't think I've ever seen Big Lots busier than Walmart.

Mike Frezon

Senior HTF Member
Oct 9, 2001
Rexford, NY
Originally Posted by Ric Easton I also picked up a DVD copy of My Sister's Keeper (for my wife).

I still don't get Target's pricing on that GWTW disc. Regular $39.99. On sale today for $12.99.
While $12.99's a good deal, I can't imagine anyone paying $40 for a single-disc movie-only disc like that.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
First went to Target, and it was a bust for me, just didn't find anything of value, so I bolted on over to Wal-Mart.

Picked up 79 of the $2 DVDs at Wal-mart to pass for office Xmas gifts. Found almost $115 in gift cards in a drawer, so out of pocket cost was around $52. Whatever doesn't get picked will be returned in a few weeks.

Got a few of the $7.99 BDs at Best Buy, put a few back after reading online reviews. $7.99 is a good price point for BDs for me. Picked up Star Trek II and Star Trek IV, and Dark City and one more that I can't remember at the moment.

Felt good seeing so many $3.99 DVDs at BB that I paid $2 each at Wal-mart earlier. Cha-ching! It's weird, but if you buy a bunch of $2 DVDs, the $3.99 DVDs just feel like such a rip-off. Thank goodness it usually happens on Black Friday, and then the prices go back up for the rest of the year.

Bought Wanted BD for $10 at Movie Stop while in there to check out their used BDs selection (nothing else caught my fancy at the prices slapped on them so far).

Went into Fry's and their $8.77 BDs were just a smidge over Best Buy's selection of $7.99 BDs, so I ended up buying nothing at Fry's this year, which broke a 5-year Black Friday streak for me at Fry's.


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