WTB: Pioneer CLD 97

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Tony Stark, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Well after getting screwed on ebay about six months ago with a dead player [​IMG], I have the urge to give it one more shot on getting one.

    I am looking for a working nice condition CLD-97. Please, for now I am not interested in the beat-up ones with busted features -- equipment like these have been nothing but bad luck to me.

    Email or PM me if you have one to sell or trade.

  2. Gary SI

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    Sep 2, 2003
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    Does the motor ( disc ) spin?
    Does it keep spinning after you press stop ?
    Take for ever to engage ?
    If so ;
    Take off the "rosewood" panels
    Then remove the cover.
    After that you`ll see a bracket that goes across the top.
    It will be held by 4 screws.
    remove screws.
    You should see the drive spindle and the top area where the disc sets on is rubber.
    Take some 51% alcahol and clean that rubber pad.
    Best way to clean it is with foam tipped cleaners that you can pick up at radio shack. A q-tip will only cause more problems.
    Once it is clean , reassemble and try a disc , should work !!
    Of course if the motor won`t turn at all then , is has passed [​IMG]
    I have a CLD-99 , and every now and then I have to clean that pad so I have done it a few times.
    I also had a CLD-97 ( no AC-3 ) nice units [​IMG]
    If yours has died try to get an LD-S2 and have (or buy) an AC-3 demodulator.
    I have some AC-3 LD`s that sound better than DTS dvd`s !!
    I hope I have helped , just out of curiosity , post if it works !!

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