will an EQ improve my music expierience?

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    Hello Guys, figured i'd ask the experts here.
    Thinking about getting a Audio control ten III Eq for two channel music. anyone have any thoughts? i remember having AN EQ in my car some years ago and it really helped. looking to improve music listening.
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  2. Poul Nielsen

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    I guess that depends on what you mean when you say "improved music experience".
    For many audio purists, an eq is a big no-no, just like bass and treble controls on your pre-amp. But like most other things in life, when used with with restraint, an eq can in some cases be a good thing.
    First off, what is wrong with the sound you have now? Are your speakers not well matched to your amp? Does your listening room have a lot of hard surfaces that makes the sound reflections annoyingly harsh? Do you have problems with standing waves in the bass portion of the sound (boomy sound)?
    some of these problems can to some extend be helped with an eq when used properly. But to get it just right you should have your room measured, to find out your "problem areas".
    You should be careful not to "overdo" the eq. Most eq´s have the ability to adjust each frequency band +-10 to 12 dB´s. But the more you stray from the center position, the more potential problems you will get with regard to the phase of the sound coming from your speakers. You could end up with worse sound than you had to begin with.
    And be very careful when applying eq in the deep bass area. If you turn up the 25 hz band by 6 dB, you are asking your poweramp to double its output at that frequency. If you already have the music turned up quite loud, the amp will probably clip and you could do some serious damage to your woofers...
    Hope this is helpful.
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    Most graphic equalizers are also pretty weak for try to do what you want, not to say that I think it is a good idea in the first place. A parametric equalizer would be more precise so that you can control the frequencies and the cutovers in db/octave.

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