While watching Three Stooges DVD of Cookoo Cavaliers, I am wondering, is this sort of an homage to W

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Tory, Aug 28, 2012.

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    is this sort of an homage to Wheeler & Woolsey? I watched it the other day and though I have seen it before, it just struck me like a poke in the eye, and I think the notion might have poked me before but I forgot to pursue it, that The Cuckoos and Cockeyed Cavaliers were Wheeler & Woolsey films and so was Hook, Line & Sinker which are the names the Stooges go by in the film. Now they travel south of the border in this film and open a salon. Well Wheeler & Woolsey were south of the border in The Cuckoos and Rio Rita plus the Salon kind of brings to mind the barber shop in Diplomaniacs.
    I know these are all sort of common occurrences in films and comedies but it seems too much to me to be just coincidence. I think this film is a Wheeler & Woolsey homage.

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