While watching Three Stooges DVD of Cookoo Cavaliers, I am wondering, is this sort of an homage to W

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Tory, Aug 28, 2012.

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    is this sort of an homage to Wheeler & Woolsey? I watched it the other day and though I have seen it before, it just struck me like a poke in the eye, and I think the notion might have poked me before but I forgot to pursue it, that The Cuckoos and Cockeyed Cavaliers were Wheeler & Woolsey films and so was Hook, Line & Sinker which are the names the Stooges go by in the film. Now they travel south of the border in this film and open a salon. Well Wheeler & Woolsey were south of the border in The Cuckoos and Rio Rita plus the Salon kind of brings to mind the barber shop in Diplomaniacs.
    I know these are all sort of common occurrences in films and comedies but it seems too much to me to be just coincidence. I think this film is a Wheeler & Woolsey homage.
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    All those great comedic teams copied off of one another's materials, whether it was L&H copying the Stooges, or A&C copying off L&H and throw in the Marx Brothers into the equation as well but bottom line and no matter how they performed their selected skits, they did so in their own unique way which made it/them pretty funny and amusing to watch.

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