what the heck! my computer speakers must have been baptised!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by PeterK, Aug 21, 2005.

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    So I was sitting at my computer, and I had the music going, but when I turned it off I thought I could hear something, coming from somewhere. It sounded like a woman singing, I couldn't figure it out for a minute, but then realized it was my computer speakers. but I wasn't playing anything! that lasted for a second, and then it changed to some man reading something or other from the bible. This lasted for a couple minutes. It wasn't very loud. and when I put my speakers on mute the voice will still coming out, no louder or quieter than before. It wasn't very loud. I had to bring the speaker to my ear to tell what he was saying.
    I just thought this was really weird. Maybe the catholic church has turned to recruting people using subliminal messages or something! [​IMG]
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    It could be an AM broadcast close by. Could even be a church.
    Your speakers are still connected to an amplifier circuit, I guess, and this circuit may receive a locally strong station. Because some "rectification" is always present in any circuit, especially the input stage of an amplifier, it may be able to turn the AM-modulated waves into sound (de-modulate).

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    That's nothing. Years ago, we lived near a radio station, and it came through loud and clear over the telephone -- so much so that it sometimes drowned out the conversation! In fact, my mother occasionally picked it up on her fillings.
    Of course, in the converse to your experience, I happen to know of a PA system in a local church which was put in carelessly, to the extent that beer ads and horse races sometimes borke into the sermon. [​IMG]

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