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    I have been a happy customer with NetFlix for over a year now, and enjoying picking movies from the vast lists, and the convenient service. I have overlooked the fact that they do not support DTS only Dolby Digital, I understand the reasons for that. My problem with Netflix is that movies like The Mummy Returns & Cats and Dogs is only available in Pan and Scan and not at all in Widescreen This is not acceptable in my opinion. The reason we use the DVD format is for the quality of audio and video over other formats. I prefer to view DVD's over VHS or Movie Channels so that I can experience the movie as close to the theatrical release as possible. Being manipulated in this way is very upsetting.
    It's a form of censorship what's next content editing
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    They suck.
    Someone at a Sam Goody's suckered me into getting a replay card and I asked if I can buy online. Yes was the answer, but then I asked if I could use money orders (I depsise checks and credit cards) and you can guess what the answer was.
    I can't even use my free trial without putting in a credit card number (which I don't even have one!)

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