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Looking for The Carol Burnett Show full episodes, especially Season 11, Episode 4. (1 Viewer)


Jan 25, 2021
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Hi all,

I'm doing a personal project, putting together every sketch of "The Family" from The Carol Burnett Show (and one from an episode of Carol Burnett and Company). I want to put every sketch in order in one collection to compliment it's spin-off sitcom, Mama's Family. I'm doing this for my grandmother, who will turn 80 this year. The clock is somewhat ticking, one might say.

I'm interested in finding The Carol Burnett Show full episodes not commercially available, especially Season 11, Episode 4. Any format is acceptable. VHS, Beta, a camcorder pointed at someone's tv screen, or even a video recorded from someone's phone in portrait mode (shudder).

This is how desperate I am to find the last missing sketch of "The Family" from The Carol Burnett Show. To my knowledge, episode s11 ep04 isn't on DVD at all. It's heavily edited on the Shout TV release. It's not available on the Tubi TV or Roku release. The episode contains the only sketch that I haven't been able to locate anywhere. According to Wikipedia, the sketch is titled "Overnight Guest."

Can anyone help me out? Are there any trading communities still around for things not commercially available? I used to occasionally trade tapes and DVDs of tv shows, movies, and sports that you couldn't buy.

Side Note:
I'm not trying to encourage "bootlegging." I've bought more than my fair share of all of movies, shows, etc. At one time I had well over 2,000 DVDs, and a good bit of them were replacing commercial VHS tapes. And I've replaced "bootlegs" with the actual commerical products if/when they ever became available. I personally look at it a little differently for materials that one literally cannot access any other way.

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