Warner Clarifies Archive Instant

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Ronald Epstein, May 6, 2013.

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    Ronald Epstein
    Some confusion was created in a recent article on slate.com about streaming services. Though corrected, the piece contained a lot of misinformation about Warner Archive Instant (WAI) ; therefore, we wanted to clarify what our service is.
    Warner Archive Instant (WAI) is the new specialized video streaming service dedicated to making available rare and hard to find content. The service offers many unique classics (in HD 1080p), not currently available on Blu-ray or elsewhere … targeted to longtime as well as new film enthusiasts.
    Here are some key points about WAI:
    · Warner Archive Instant content is drawn solely from the Warner Bros. Entertainment library, the world’s largest of any studio. The library is composed of films from Warner Bros. Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (pre-1986), RKO Radio Pictures, Allied Artists, Monogram, Lorimar, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Productions, and more
    · WAI offers fans and cinephiles digital access to hundreds of rare and hard-to-find films from deep within the studio’s film vault, ranging from the silent ‘20s all the way to the acid-wash ‘80s.
    · Subscribers can stream films instantly to their PCs, Macs, and Roku set-top boxes.
    · Content is consistently refreshed, allowing plenty of time to explore and discover the studio’s vast film library.
    · WAI streaming service is offered for $9.99/a month.
    · While there may be some cross-over with the larger streaming services on some films, WAI is really about providing very deep classic titles and heretofore unavailable TV programming.
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    Since you seem to be privy to some information, do you know if they plan to expand past Roku devices?
    I have a Blu-Ray player and a TV that allow streaming. Do you know if there are plans in the future (or already in the works) to allow consumers who have something other than Roku to watch content on a TV?

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    "We" as in you, or where was this press statement released?

    PS3 app! I ain't subscribing until I can watch it on my REAL set-streaming box! :D
    There's few major streaming services now that don't cater to PS3/X-Box, which actually stream more efficiently than most set-top boxes, since, as online game consoles, they're designed for smooth high-speed data traffic and better picture quality.

    Although I have been curious to try out my free two weeks (as soon as my free Crunchyroll month expires), since Warner Archive's catalog is more unknown-quantity, and appeals more to the sampling streamer.
    I've been curious about a few obscure titles, but not enough to plunk down $19.95 for them, and not all of them are going to find their way to ThisTV/Netflix. (And with the recent scare, Warner might decide to keep a tighter lid on them after all.)
    These titles have been in the basement long enough, the last thing they need is to be hidden away from public access more.

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