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Warner: Batman: TAS & Justice League suggestions (1 Viewer)

Rob T

Aug 26, 2001
I picked the new discs up on Thursday and after going through them, I do hvae a few suggestions.

Batman :TAS
-it should be in box sets (not necerssairly in season box sets but still in the correct order)
-the chapters should be shorter so that we can skip over the opening credits and got to the next scene of that episode instead of going to the next episode
-the video needs to be cleaned up quite a bit. there's lots of white specs and dust all over it :frowning:

Justice League
-again it should be in (season) box sets
-same thing about the chapters. they should be shorter
-if you could edit the 2 part episodes together then I think that would be great, but I understand the need to see them as orignally aired
-the episodes should be in widescreen! I certainly hope that you do them in widescreen when you finally get to season 2.

and I would definitely uy Superman TAS, Gotham Knights and Batman: Beyond on DVD! especially if they were in box sets! :)

Jeff Kleist

Senior HTF Member
Dec 4, 1999
If Warner Family doesn't think they'll sell, commission a mail order deal.

Batman has say, 100 episodes, offer 4 box sets of approximately 25 episodes at say, $50-60 a box. It's a no-lose situation, calculate the costs of said boxes, and say "we need X orders before we will go forward with this". Your fans are happy, you make money, everybody wins. No offense, but your Family division doesn't seem to get that there are a HUGE audlt fanbase for many of these titles.


Senior HTF Member
Jul 19, 2002

100% agree.
i liked the show, but the episodes i want to own are the end of the run and the Gotham Knights run.
i would love to get them in the fewest purchases possible even if it means a larger upfront cost.

the problem with these properties residing in the domain of the Family division, is that that arm seems to be more geared to having a low cost, simple product that will be available in grocery stores and targets and wal-marts so that mom or pop can toss it in the cart for the kids.

WB seems to understand that Loony Tunes can be marketed to adult animation fans. i wish they would realize this with the superhero properties.
kids don't buy them as they are much more interested in spending $50 or so on a video game- not on an animated property they can already see on the cartoon network.
i'm an adult.
i don't have time to compile a collection of things taped off cable. i would , however, be totally up for plunking down $50-60 for a convinent boxed set.

i hope WB will come to understand that not all the properties in the domain of the Family division are best served being there (willy wonka, and the demand for OAR from adult fans, was an obvious case in point).

what about taking advantage of the comic book direct market and making deluxe boxed sets available exclusively to the "collector" market that shops at comic book stores?

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