Wait at least 1 yr to buy into HDTV? DVI/HDCP? Tying it all together?

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    I have been putting off buying a new HDTV capable RPTV due to budgeting and my concerns about buying a set which in a year or two could be merely a SDTV. Recently, though I've begun to get psyched into buying a new Toshiba 57HX81 set when they are available in September. Now, I begin to read AVS Thread that these sets, and any others without a DVI/firewire interface, will not be able to display true HiRez digital HD signals for signals coming in from Satellite or Cable systems.
    1. What is the latest on this situation?
    2. Is it true that almost all currently available HDTV capable sets are being mis-labeled and mis-advertised with what we now know?
    3. Being that I expect this new RPTV to fill my needs entirely for the next 5-7 years, should I wait a few years to buy a model which conforms to the DVI/firewire model?
    4. Are there any RPTV sets which have the firewire interface which will allow it to truly be called HDTV capable?
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    By the time you have waited "one more year" to get HDTV, I will have been enjoying it for four years. Sets with firewire are coming out shortly if you want it. I am not afraid my equipment is going to be obsolete. If the MPAA doesn't want me to watch its movies in HD, I'll watch the other (growing yearly) HD that is available.

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