Vuelta a Espana is coming..

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    For all you bike racing fans out there, OLN is having it's Vuelta coverage from Sept 8th to Sept 30th.. I've got the PTV on my E* 501 set for recording it and look forward to watching it as I've never seen the Vuelta before and looking forward to seeing some nice Spanish scenery and some non TdF cycling races for a change.
    Nice to see the "other" members of the US Posties and of course the ex-Kelme Heras defend his title. Lance supposedly has a race in San Fran or something like that...
    Looking at the rosters at cyclingnews, it seems that our old friend, Marco Pantani is going to show up and probably do poorly and whine. And also a chance to see Saeco after their absense in the TdF. Except the Lion King I think is injured and not in the list... Oh well, guess I'll have to wait til next year for any TV coverage...
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    Aaaaarrrgghh! OLN Canada is NOT picking up the coverage of the Vuelta [​IMG] [​IMG] Instead, we've got back to back fishing shows!
    Can there be anything more LAME than fishing on television????
    After outperforming OLN America on the Tour de France (we got live coverage on Sundays instead of having to rely on the lame CBS hilite package), they've really dropped the ball on this one. And, of course, the email feedback form on their website is disabled, and there's no email address otherwise.
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