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VUDU HDX Movies Sale/Trade 1 day only! (1 Viewer)


Jan 15, 2016
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This post is valid for Friday 1/15/16 only. All codes must go! :) These show up in your Vudu account and populate like any other Ultraviolet movie.

My goal is to make this transaction as easy as possible for you! Please contact me (PM or Reply) with any questions, offers, suggestions.

All titles are INDIVIDUALLY available through Instawatch codes. (See below for details on this.)

Prices start at 50% off regular and get *cheaper*! Buy more, save more! Other offers accepted! Try me!! First come first serve. If you want one let me know, we can work something out!

1 for $1.50
2 for $2.50 ($1.25/each)
3 for $3.00 ($1.00/each)

Paypal (F&F) preferred. Google Wallet can happen if you need it. Trade? Sure! See below for what I'd like.

Remember, unlike most posts out there, these are INDIVIDUALLY available. You only need to get what you want.

New Seller? Yep! Which is why I'll send you the code first, you can make sure it works, and then settle your end of the deal. No risk to you!


Dredd - GONE
Last Stand
Astro Boy -GONE
Cold Light Day
Man on a Ledge -GONE
War (Multiple copies available)
Lord of War

Instawatch: This is a service Walmart (owner of Vudu) offers. You just set up the Walmart app on your smart phone, use the same address as your vudu account (or link them if they are different). I'll provide you with the Receipt Number (TC#) and it will be like you purchased it in store. You'll get the Vudu HDX movie added to your account within minutes. I'm happy to help walk you through it.

Trades: No Itunes. I'd prefer anything UV that isn't available via D2D. That would be a recent (2013+ title), or Disney/Marvel/Pixar. I have none of the Marvel/Avengers stuff, that would be a good place to go. Or Big Hero 6.. and so forth. Offer some choices and I'll try to be flexible.

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