Verisign Hi-Jacks the Internet!

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    Verisign has done a terrible thing and hi-jacked the internet. What they have done is launch a new service called that site-finder, so that when someone mispells, or types in a domain name that does not exist, they will be directed to a search page that includes ads for Verisign services, as well as links to sites spelled similar to the one they typed in. The major problem with this is that many spam filters perform DNS lookups to make sure that a domain exists before allowing messages to be sent. Now all .com, .net, and .org domains exist. So all these spam filters are effectively BROKEN. This means that litterly millions of messages per day are going to get through each ISP's filters. There are other drawbacks of this as well. One of them is that since Verisign get's free advertising, they get an unfair advantage. Another drawback is that search engines may become cluttered with invalid results. If you are thinking about registering a domain name, DO NOT use Verisign. Use DirectNic or something similar instead. They are much cheaper. If you own a domain at Verisign, or it's alias, transfer it to another registrar as soon as possible.
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