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Jan 2, 2001
I don't know where to vent at this hour, and this place is empty at the moment and everyone is gone for the weekend...so don't mind me......
Ever have one of those days that is just so bad you want to be knocked unconcious?
Well, i just had one....lets see..
1. I wake up, and find out a close family member has died.
2. I find out that I'll be about $3000 short for payments for my college. it's due soon and I have no idea what I'm going to do...
3. I lost my bank debit card, and can't get ahold of my bank
4. Someone broke into my room and stole some CDs, DVDs, a external firewire hard drive, and my digital camera.
I'm about to explode.
thanks for listening

Scott L

Senior HTF Member
Feb 29, 2000
Arghh! Sorry man, that is really one bad day. First of all my condolences to you for your loss. I lost a friend and neighbor 2 months ago in a boating accident. A death is really something that can come out of nowhere and make you realize not everything on this earth is stable as it seems. It's a pain I have never felt before but I am feeling much better now compared to my depressed state when this happened. I hope your relative will be remembered by many for all of the great things that come to mind when you think of their name.
As for your college woes, I can sort of relate. I am taking this semester off due to a lack of funds and poor grades. :P College can be great, but there's a lot of utter crap that you have to deal with sooner or later. Did you call the police about the stolen property? And maybe you can look into financial aid for your fees situation.
I really hope things turn around for you tommorrow.
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Jan 2, 2001
hey scott, thanks for the reply...
As for the financial aid, I already have some (from the gov't) but it doesn't cover it all. I am going to see them on monday to see what I can do...
As for the stolen property, it has been reported and they said they'd investigate with the security cameras, etc. (i live on campus in residence). I don't know HOW they got in, it looked like nothing had been tampered with. It's not a key-lock, it's a card-access deadbolt.
As for the death, to be honest I don't think it has even fully set in yet...i'm dreading the hour when it does.
thanks again
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Dec 11, 2000
Real Name
Steve Gonzales
Kami, sorry to hear about the death in your family - my father died about a year and a half ago and it still hasn't quite sunk in yet that he's gone. It'll take awhile I suppose. As far as the other things, you're not alone in having had a bad week - I recently heard something that I didn't particularly want to hear - I won't get into the details except to say that it made me feel about as bad as I've ever felt before. Life just blows sometimes...
He thought on homeland, the big timber, the air thin and chill all the year long. Tulip poplars so big through the trunk they put you in mind of locomotives set on end. He thought of getting home and building him a cabin on Cold Mountain so high that not a soul but the nighthawks passing across the clouds in autumn could hear his sad cry. Of living a life so quiet he would not need ears. And if Ada would go with him, there might be the hope, so far off in the distance he did not even really see it, that in time his despair might be honed off to a point so fine and thin that it would be nearly the same as vanishing.
-- Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain
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