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Two channel solid-state audio rig for sale (1 Viewer)

Mike Knapp

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Aug 4, 1997
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Interested in some stereo?

How about this ONIX P-3000 pre-amp and the ONIX A2150 amplifier? The pre-amp has a phono stage for anyone looking to get into some vinyl.

Here is some product info....

ONIX A2150 Amplifier:
Featuring a full 150 Watt 2-channel power amplifier, the A-2150 will allow entry-level audiophiles to experience the advantage separates have to offer. The blue glowing gauges, reminiscent of much more costly equipiment, shows a constant readout of just how much power it's capable of delivering. Coupled with the P-3000 pre-amplifier, the Onix A-2150 will deliver truly high-end audiophile performance, at a price well below the competition.

ONIX P-3000 Pre-amplifier:
Featuring a fully functional remote control, subwoofer output with variable crossover, and 7 analog inputs, the P-3000 is more than your entry-level preamp. Offering separates performance at receiver pricing, the P-3000 will show you what you've been missing. High-end is now attainable at low-fi prices.

This is a great combo for a two channel system. The amp is ultra-cool looking with large blue analog meters on it. The pre-amp has a remote so no jumping up and down to control the volume.

I'll let both pieces go for 400 dolllars plus shipping. Both have original packaging and manuals and both are in almost-new condition.

First E-mail contact gets them. [email protected]

Guy Usher

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Oct 20, 2002
The Onix P-3000 preamplifier ($299) with MM/MC phono stage, separate listen/record selector, headphone output and bypassable tone controls also sports a built-in adjustable electronic crossover with speaker high-pass and subwoofer outputs and two unswitched AC outlets. The P-3000 weighs 7.9 lbs and measures 16.5" x 3.1" x 14.2" (WxHxD). The matching A2150 power amplifier ($599) sports calibrated VU meters and 120/180 watts into 8/4 ohms. It weighs 30.8 lbs and measures 16.5" x 4.75" x 14.3" (WxHxD).
Looks like a great deal to me. . .

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