trouble getting my new Sony DVP-NS75H to output hdmi signal

Albert Noel

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Sep 22, 2002
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Albert Noel
I just got a Sony DVP-NS75H to replace my old player. I also got an HDMI cable from Monster to hook up to my JVC 48" HDTV (RP TV). The t.v. has an HDMI input.I connected the player to the t.v. via the monster cable and the old component cable and setup the player using the component cable as i wasn't getting a signal when i set the t.v. to "digital in" (the HDMI input)

i played around with the setup menu in the player and set the output to RGB (which is supposed to be the correct setting for the HDMI connection) and still no signal.

i called JVC and they told me it's not the t.v. and that it automatically displays the signal when set to digital in and that it's likely the player not working correctly. so i took the player back and got a new one. same thing happened. no signal. i tried calling Sony and they said almost the exact opposite. the guy told me something could be wrong with the t.v. and that the player automatically outputs via HDMI when the cable is plugged in and that it's also a possibility that the cable is bad. i had a co-worker try the cable in his setup and it worked fine.

anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? i'm getting pretty frustrated, my wife only bought this for me because of the upscaling which is to tide me over till i get hd-dvd in the summer

Mary M S

Mar 12, 2002
Prob, not your issue but ck your owners manual, some setups, in the past, would allow for only one cabling choice to be made, if HDMI and Component were both cabled up, the product can acknowledge only one at a time and would 'default' to Component.

Make sure that you are allowed to cable mulitiple inputs/outputs, it could be you are required to choose "one".

Try removing the component set, and reboot everything to see if you can get the HDMI to handshake between the player and display.

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