Toshiba 3107 DVD player owners, please help!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Mike D., Jul 10, 2003.

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    Okay, I did something stupid, I admit. :-(

    I moved my old SD3107 out of my basement home theater, and hooked it up to a TV upstairs. For some reason, the image coming out of the DVD player was black and white. So, my immediate thought was that the player was set to "S" video out and I'd hooked it up to the composite out of the TV. I went into the setup menu, and, without paying close enough attention to what I was doing, set the DVD player to "Color Stream" out. Immediately after I did it, just as I clicked the button, I knew it was a mistake. Sure enough, the screen went blank.

    Now the DVD player is set to Color Stream (component) out, but I don't even have a TV that has component video inputs yet, and I can't figure out how to get it back to S-video (which the TV does in fact have, and I acually have it set up this way).

    Could someone possibly type out the directions for going into the setup menu, one button at a time, and setting the video out to "S", so I can get my picture back?

    After that, of course, I'll have to resume figuring out why the DVD image was in black and white. The TV is fine with cable and VHS. Heck, the DVD player was hooked up to the same TV down in the basement. Moved both upstairs to make room for an HDTV monitor and progressive-scan DVD player.

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    Oh Mike, I feel your pain. I've done something like that before w/ my Tosh 3107.

    1) Power up w/o a disc in the player
    2) Press the "Setup" button
    3) Press the "Channel Down" button
    4) Press the "Enter" button
    5) Press the "Channel Down" button TWICE
    6) Press the "Enter" button
    7) Press the "Volume -" button
    8) Press the "Enter" button

    Once you complete #8, you should get your picture back. At that point pressing the "Return" button twice should get you out of your menu.

    As to your black and white issue, I'm at a loss. I believe one of the small pin connections for S-video cables carries color seperately. Maybe the pin is disconnected or damage. Try a new S-video cable and see if that works. Also check the female S-video connection on your TV to make sure all the pin holes look clean.



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