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    All are WS unless noted otherwise. All are in excellent condition. Ask if you have any questions.

    Prices INCLUDE shipping.

    Also, I'm a gold trader on the Dvd Talk forum (and have conducted many trades with people who also subscribe to this forum).


    Ed Wood (factory sealed/buena vista logo)

    New Releases

    -Assassination Tango (Robert Duvall) $8
    -Cat in the Hat, The $11
    -Cold Creek Manor $11
    -Coldplay Live 2003 DTS!! $10 TRADED
    -Dirty Pretty Things $14
    -Dirty Pretty Things $14 (another one)
    -Ed Wood (sealed) $2,500
    -Gigli $12
    -Grapes of Wrath -Fox Classics- (upc markered) $8TRADED
    -House of Sand and Fog $12 SOLD
    -I Capture the Castle (from the Producer of Shakespeare in Love) $8
    -In the Cut: Uncut Director's Edition $12
    -Love Actually $14 SOLD
    -Love Actually (another one)
    -Love in the Time of Money (w/Rosario Dawson, Steve Buscemi, Adrian Grenier) $11
    -Mona Lisa Smile $12
    -Pirates of the Caribbean: C.O.T.B.P. (sealed/with slipcover) $13
    -Seabiscuit $12
    -Singing Detective, The $10 SOLD
    -Something's Gotta Give $13
    -Veronica Guerin $11
    -Whale Rider $11


    Ken Burns Civil War PBS Box Set sealed

    Sanford & Son Season 1 sealed
    Sanford & Son Season 2 sealed
    Sanford & Son Season 3 sealed
    Sanford & Son Season 4 sealed

    Simpsons Season 1


    Ed Wood (sealed)
    House/House 2 ("Limited to 20,000 Copies")

    Other DVDs For Trade

    -A Few Good Men (sealed)
    -All The Queen's Men (Eddie Izzard/Matt LeBlanc)
    -Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness: Director's Cut
    -Cop Land
    -Escape From New York: SE (w/comic book) $14
    -Fools Rush In $9
    -In the Name of the Father
    -Manhattan $10
    -Rat Race
    -Spongebob Squarepants: Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies $7
    -Swimming With Sharks
    -UHF sealed
    -Wet Hot American Summer (w/members of The State) (some light scratches/plays fine) $7

    PVD DVDS (None From Blockbuster, All From Small Video Store)

    -George of the Jungle 2
    -Gods & Generals
    -NARC (Ray Liotta, Jason Patric)
    -School of Rock

    I'll sell all 4 of the above for $22/shipped.

    other region dvds
    Tuesdays With Morrie (R0?) $5 (WILL SOMEONE PLEASE BUY THIS OFF OF ME?!)

    **WANT LIST** (willing to trade 2 for 1 on some of the obvious stuff)


    Last Temptation of Christ
    Seven Samurai
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Regular WANTS:

    13th Warrior
    Born in East L.A. (16x9, WS w/new cover)
    Christmas Story: SE (2 Disc)
    Discovery Channel: Alamo, Aliens, Various other stuff
    Ed & His Dead Mother
    Family Guy Vol. 2
    Futurama Vol. 2
    Godfather Collection Box Set
    History Channel Presents: The Alamo (3 Disc)
    History Channel Presents: Barbarians
    In Living Color Season 1
    Ken Burns' The West
    Kids in the Hall Season 1
    Master and Commander: Far Side of the World 2 Disc WS
    PBS: The Crusades
    Poolhall Junkies
    Quantum Leap Series (available soon)**
    Southpark (all 4 seasons that are out)
    Three's Company Season 1
    Three's Company Season 2
    Warriors, The
    What Dreams May Come
    Wood, The

    and others that I may not have thought of at the moment.


    Playstation 2 System (for my brother)

    ...and other stuff that you think i may be enlightened with.


    -Limited Edition Sealed Green Vinyl Kiss My A** (Kiss Tribute Album)
    -Byrds, The: 20 Essential Tracks From the Box Set 1965-1990 CD $7
    -Postal Service, The: Give Up (Death Cab for Cutie) $10
    -Rooney $7
    -Steve Miller Band: Greatest Hits 1974-1978 CD $7
    -UB40: The Best of UB40 Vol. 2 $7
    -Who, The: Who's Better, Who's Best (best of) $7

    I have more that I'll be adding on here soon.

    Let me know what's fair and maybe I'll bite. (If you have something from my want list, some are not "must haves" so don't be dissapointed if I pass on it. It would depend on what you want in return.)

    [email protected]. Thanks!
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    Hey William, I'm interested in:

    - Grapes of Wrath (Fox Classics)

    But what do you mean by UPC markered, was this like a promo or an early review copy? The UPC code on the insert itself is actually covered?
  3. WilliamS.

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    There's just a black marker mark over the top right where the UPC should be. I don't know if it was a promo, but it looks exactly like how it looks retails, aside from that minor purposeful blemish.
  4. WilliamS.

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    Mar 5, 2004
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    edited to reflect traded dvds.

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