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BUY 3 get 1 FREE!! Tons of Cheap DVDs 4 Sale (Boxes, rare, DTS demos, Superbits, etc) (1 Viewer)


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Jan 20, 2003
**********PLEASE READ**********:

- Buy 3 and get 1 free (cheapest title is free)

- Orders over $20 include FREE SHIPPING within the USA (media mail or first class whichever is cheaper).

- Orders under $20 ship for $2 flat, which is non-negotiable, so it behooves you to order several DVDs at a time.

- Delivery confirmation will also be provided on all US shipments.

- Shipping outside the USA will be extra.

- Unless otherwise specified below, all DVDs are WIDESCREEN unless that is not the original aspect ratio (OAR) or there is no widescreen format curently available.

- all titles $6 each unless otherwise marked



Aladdin: Platinum Edition$16
Beauty and the Beast: Platinum Edition (OOP)$50 SOLD TO QB_Bills (GTZ)
Cars$13 SOLD TO half.com
Finding Nemo$16
Lion King, The: Platinum Edition (OOP)$40
Mary Poppins (2-disc)$16
Toy Story - Ultimate Toy Box (OOP, contains both movies and exclusive special features disc)$30

Rare/Out of print:

Army of Darkness: Boomstick Edition $25 SOLD TO mlowie (AVSforum)
Beatles - Yellow Submarine $40 SOLD TO mlowie (AVSforum)
Fando and Lis $60
Hire, The (OOP, series of BMW shorts, SEALED)$25
Nightmare Before Christmas: SE $25
Nightwatch (original Danish version, dir. by Ole Bornedal, from Anchor Bay) $30 SOLD TO half.com
Reptile, The (Hammer/Anchor Bay) $20
Shawshank Redemption: LE (outer slip case has some wrinkling) $35

DTS demo discs:

(ALL 100% AUTHENTIC, these are all rare items, not available to the general public, email for tracklist info)

DTS Demo Disc #3 $25
DTS Demo Disc #4 $25 SOLD TO JC1 (AVSforum)
DTS Demo Disc #7 $30 SOLD TO JC1 (AVSforum)
DTS Demo Disc #8 $30 SOLD TO JC1 (AVSforum)
DTS Demo Disc #10 (Alive) $35 SOLD TO JC1 (AVSforum)


Better Tomorrow, A
Bourne Identity: CE (OOP, with exclusive DTS track)
Gladiator: SE (OOP, with exclusive DTS track)$7 SOLD TO reaper (AVSforum)
King Kong (Peter Jackson, single disc, SEALED) $8
Leon: The Professional: Deluxe (essentially a SUPERBIT release with special features)$14
Long Kiss Goodnight (Renny Harlin dir.) $5 SOLD TO DougDingle (AVSforum)
Runaway Train (John Voight) $5
Sum of All Fears$4
Superman 2 $7
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Touching the Void $5
Vertical Limit
White Squall (Ridley Scott directed, SEALED)
Windtalkers (Nick Cage)


10 (sealed) $5
American Pie: UE
As Good As It Gets SOLD TO reaper (AVSforum)
Gremlins 2: A New Batch
Jabberwocky $7
King's Ransom $5
Ladykillers, The
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: CE (includes screenplay!)$20
Nurse Betty $5
Nurse Betty $5
Opposite of Sex $8
Sleepover $5
Three Stooges, The - Curly Classics SOLD TO reaper (AVSforum)
Three Stooges, The - Nutty But Nice SOLD TO reaper (AVSforum)
Trading Places (SEALED)$5
Vacation: Anniversary Edition
Wag the Dog


Diabolique $16 SOLD TO half.com


Affliction (Nolte, printed cover art) $5
Back Against the Wall (sealed)
City By the Sea $5
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Devil's Keep $5
Doors, The : SE (Oliver Stone)
Elephant Man SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Fight Club: SE$13
Forrest Gump
Full Frontal $5
Grifters: Collector's Series SOLD TO DougDingle (AVSforum)
Hearts in Atlantis (Stephen King) $5
Heat: SE$14
In America SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Jackie Brown (SEALED)$10
Jamaica Inn (Hitchcock, Laserlight) $4
K-Pax (Kevin Spacey, Canadian release) $5
Maltese Falcon, The (single disc version, SEALED)$10
Man Who Knew Too Much (Hitchcock, Laserlight) $4
Map of the World (Sigourney Weaver, printed cover) $3
Midnight Express
Piano Teacher, The (unrated) $14 SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Pulp Fiction: CE$9
Raging Bull: SE$15
Rain Man: SE (SEALED)$7
Reservoir Dogs: SE (Mr. Brown/Tarantino cover)$8
Roger Dodger
Scarface: AE (sealed)
Secret Agent (Hitchcock, Laserlight) $4
Simple Plan, A $5
Skin Game (Hitchcock, Laserlight) $4
Thirteen SOLD TO Ernie tr(HTforum)
To Catch a Thief (Hitchcock, Paramount) $7
Training Day $5
Urban Cowboy (Canadian release) $5
Waking Life$4
Wall Street (Oliver Stone directed) $5
XX/XY $5


Fahrenheit 9/11
March of the Penguins $8


Hey Arnold - The Movie $5
Monster House $8 SOLD TO mlowie (AVSforum)
My Favorite Martian (Christopher Lloyd) $5
Rugrats in Paris $5
Rugrats Movie $5
Wild Thornberry's - the Movie $5


Afraid of the Dark
Altered States (sealed) $5 SOLD TO Tony S (AVSforum)
Amityville Horror (2005 remake) $6An American Haunting $8
Anatomy (Franka Potente, surface scuffs - plays fine)
Anatomy 2 (Franka Potente)
Bangkok Haunted (Panik House, Thailand) $10
Blind Date (Niko Masterakis dir.) $5
Brotherhood of the Wolf (3-disc Canadian Edition with exclusive DTS track) $20
Carrie: SE$7
Castle of Blood$10
Cat o Nine Tails (Argento)
Chiller (Wes Craven) $5
Class of Nuke 'Em High (Troma)$7
Close Your Eyes
Creepshow (sealed, snapper version) $5
Curse of Frankenstein $6
Curse of the Voodoo (Elite)
Cursed: Unrated $5
Dead Next Door
Deathdream (Blue Underground)$10
Demons of the Mind (Hammer)$9
Devil's Nightmare (SEALED)$13
Eight Legged Freaks (snapper case has wear on back) $4
Exorcist: The Beginning (SEALED) SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Fear in the Night (Hammer)$9
Freddy vs. Jason
Ghoul, The
Ginger Snaps 2: Ginger Unleashed$8
Haunting, The (DTS version)
Hellboy: Director's Cut (3-disc)$18 SOLD TO Ernie tr(HTforum)
Hollow Man: SUPERBIT (SEALED) $9 SOLD TO mlowie (AVSforum)
Howling: SE$7 SOLD TO Tony S (AVSforum)
Jeepers Creepers (former rental) $4
Joy Ride (Paul Walker)
Kiss Me Monster (OOP, dir. Jess Franco)$10
Land of the Dead (SEALED)$7 SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Last Horror Movie, The $10
Marionnier (Elite)
Memento Mori (Tartan Asia Extreme release)$13
Momento Mori (Tartan release) $7
MPD Psycho (Adness, Japan) $10 SOLD TO chicorunsfunny(GTZ)
MPD Psycho II (Adness, Japan) $10 SOLD TO chicorunsfunny(GTZ)
Night to Dismember, A $5
Nightmare on Elm Street (original) $5
Open Water SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Pieces $4
Premonition (Lions Gate, far better Japanese original film) $16
Quicksilver Highway (Mick Garris dir., Stephen King and Clive adaptations)
Riding the Bullet (Mick Garris dir., Stephen King adaptation)
Ring 0 (Region 0/PAL Tartan Asia Extreme release)
Ring 2 (Region 0/PAL Tartan Asia Extreme release) SOLD TO chicorunsfunny(GTZ)
Ring Two
Rose Red (Stephen King, SEALED)$8
Silver Bullet (Stephen King)
Sisters, The (Tokyo Shock) $10
Sleepaway Camp (trilogy, non-Red Cross cover) $15
Sleepy Hollow$4 SOLD TO reaper (AVSforum)
Stacy (Japanese Zombie Film) $10 SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Thirteen Ghosts (remake) $6
Tomb of Torture $15
Tommyknockers $4
Tower of Evil (OOP) $15
What Lies Beneath
Wrong Turn
Zombie 3 (Lucio Fulci)
Zombie 4 - After Death (SEALED)
Zombie 5 - Killing Birds (SEALED)


Conspiracy Theory $5
Fatal Attraction: Anniversary Edition$5
Following (early film from Chris Nolan of Memento fame)
Heist (Mamet)
Panic Room: Superbit
Random Hearts $5
Silence of the Lambs: SE
Usual Suspects: SE$9
U-turn (Oliver Stone directed)
Wild Things (unrated) SOLD TO Ernie tr(HTforum)


2001: A Space Odyssey (Remastered)$9
Brothers Grimm $8
Dark Crystal: SUPERBIT (SEALED) $9
Event Horizon: CE (latest release) $9 SOLD TO Tony S (AVSforum)
Fifth Element: Ultimate Edition (essentially a SUPERBIT release with special features)$13 SOLD TO Tony S (AVSforum)
Four Sided Triangle(Hammer)$9
Gattaca: SUPERBIT$9 SOLD TO Ernie tr(HTforum)
Legend: UE$10
Planet of the Apes: SE (2-disc)
Puppet Masters (Robert Heinlein, SEALED)$5
Sin City: Recut, Extended, Unrated$22 SOLD TO jin-ho (HTforum)
Starship Troopers: SUPERBIT $9 SOLD TO mlowie (AVSforum)


Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 1 (SEALED) $25
Lost - Season 1 (w/rare Best Buy Bonus Disk) $32 SOLD TO drock5k (DVDtalk)
Lost - Season 2 (w/rare Best Buy Bonus Disk) $32
Night Gallery: Season 1 (Rob Serling) $30
Outer Limits - The New Series (Aliens Among Us/Death & Beyond/Fantastic Androids & Robots/Mutation and Transformation/Sex & Science Fiction/Time Travel & Infinity Collections) $35
Sopranos - Season 5 $35


Second Unit
Apr 11, 1999
King Kong (Peter Jackson, single disc, SEALED) $8
Elephant Man
In America
Piano Teacher, The (unrated) $14
Exorcist: The Beginning (SEALED)
Hellboy: Director's Cut (3-disc) $ 18
Land of the Dead (SEALED) $ 7
Open Water
Stacy (Japanese Zombie Film) $10
Brothers Grimm $8
Dark Crystal: SUPERBIT (SEALED) $9
Sin City: Recut, Extended, Unrated $ 22

$100 shipped? LMK. Thanks. Please email me at [email protected].

Ernie tr

May 30, 2006
Real Name
Ernie Topran
I am interested in the following DVDs.

Hellboy: Director's Cut (3-disc)
Wild Things (unrated)
Event Horizon: CE (latest release)

Please let me know how much you would want for them. Are you still offering a buy 3 get one free deal?

Also, do you have the slipcover for your Gattaca Superbit? I would be interested in the slipcover if you have it.

Thanks and please email me at: (e @ truemindframe .com)

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