TiVo Series 3 Questions Regarding CableCard, Etc.

James Edward

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May 1, 2000
These may be elemental, but here goes-

1. When using the Series 3 box with two CableCards, will I theoretically be able to receive any station that I would get via a digital cable box? I believe the answer is yes, but I am setting one up for a customer and this is a question she'll have.

2. Can I record two Hi-Def shows at once? Again, I believe it is yes, but want to hear it from those who know...

3. The biggest drawback for many when using a CableCard is the lack of an interactive program guide. Am I correct in assuming that the Tivo Series 3, as all other Tivo units, provides it's own guide?

4. The Series 3 user FAQ states that 'Tivo To Go' is not currently enabled. I want to make sure that this is only a digital/HD download feature only. My customer wolud be copying to VHS. Should this function still be available?

Thank you all for your answers. I have a Tivo power-user for a customer, and want to be sure that this is the correct device for her.


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Aug 22, 2000
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1. The cablecard does the same thing as a cable box. It decodes encrypted video signals.
2. Yes. Two via cable, two via OTA or one via cable and one via OTA.
3. Yes. The Tivo guide replaces the cable delivered guide.
4. Yes, copying via analog outputs is still there. I would recommend at least copying to DVD-R instead of VHS. You are correct that Tivo2Go is a digital transfer method to a computer. Most people aren't ready for the massive amounts of data that will have to be transfered for an HD show.

If you need any more Tivo information, I suggest you check out the Tivo Community. They have a sub-forum for the S3. There are even a few employees in there answering questions and helping people get cablecards from their cable company. Yes, a few companies are refusing to give cards for the Tivo.


Stephen Tu

Apr 26, 1999
2-4: What Robert J said.

1. The limitations are that it cannot receive "Video on Demand" & "PPV" chs due to lack of 2-way communication capabilities. Also cannot access "switched digital video" chs for the same reason. Switched digital is a bandwidth conserving technology where the operator doesn't send all the channels all the way through to the home, instead only out to certain nodes; STB sends message to the node that it wants to tune to a channel, then it is sent. This is only being tested in a few markets now, it is unknown if it will be widely deployed or what regulatory hurdles it faces as it not only causes issues with Tivo, but also all Cablecard 1.0 TVs out there.

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