Through wall television connection in condo

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Rick_B, Aug 21, 2005.

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    I'll try to be as specific as possible considering I have not moved into my new condo yet. It is under construction but drywall and paint is up.

    My new condo has a long narrow living room with a gas fireplace in the center of one wall and indentations on either end. Above the fireplace is a power plug for a flat panel TV.

    Because of the dimensions of the room, my CRT really won't work so I'm in the market for a LCD or plasma. It will have to be wall mounted.

    My primary concern is cabling to the HD cable box and other A/V hardware which will have to reside in an adjacent cut-out nearby.

    Seems to me that a HDMI or DVI cable would be prohibitively thick to be routed through the wall. And then, either S-Video or Component would need an audio source making them difficult as well. I'm technical and handy enough to be aware of the challenges. But, not aware of the tricks of the trade.

    My best guess is that the fireplace insert would be pulled out exposing the interior wall and easier access to routing the cables. Does this sound feasible? And, would a Best Buy type installation person be able do the job? I don't think more than 6 ft of cable would be needed.

    At Best Buy for instance, they offer benefits for purchasing the installation at point of sale. I'm concerned whether they would be able to do the job without knowing upfront what the challenges would be. Obviously the cable purchase would also be dependent upon logistics.

    I welcome your thoughts and experiences, positive or negative. This can't be all that uncommon of a situation.

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    Absolutely. Along the same lines, I’m not sure what additional advice I (or anyone else here) can give without actually being there to first-hand assess the situation.

    Part of it will depend on how far the indentations are from the screen location. If they’re really close it may be as simple as cutting a couple of holes for old work electrical boxes and stringing the cable between them. If there is some distance between the two locations there will be studs between them that will negate a simple solution. If there’s no attic access, then you’re probably looking at tearing out sheetrock at that point. Or running them on top of the wall and finding a decorative way to hide them.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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