Three Questions About Large Screen Displays

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    Hi, I will soon be in the market for a large screen display. I sit 6.6 feet away and primarily will use it for
    dvds--95% of the time, digital cable 5%.

    1) I notice at Best Buy/Sears that some 16x9 RPTVs
    have a glossy/shiny, very refelctive screen while others do not. Personally, I like the look of the non-glossy monitors.
    What feature is this that causes the glossy look? Is it
    a special screen that can be removed?

    2) What will give me the superior film-like image for dvds?
    DLPs, Lcos, LCDs, CRTs? or is that very subjective?
    It's my understanding that the CRTs are the most affordable, true?

    3) If I calibrate it by hiring an ISF specialist does that
    void any warranties?

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    1) The glossy screen is a protective screen that goes over two other, ridged screens. You can remove it, but that does expose your lenticular (ridged) screen to damage, and replacing it is expensive.

    Some dealers offer a Mighty Shield protective screen that a technician will install, removing your existing screen. Cost is in the $200 neighborhood. Mighty Shield offers an anti-glare model.

    You can also get a piece of anti-glare acrylic cut to size at a plastics store and replace the screen yourself. This will technically void your warranty, since you, a non-authorized tech, have to open up your set. You may also damage something inside, including one of the ridged screens, during the installation process, and that definitely won't be covered by a warranty.

    2) Most filmlike image comes from a CRT. (I haven't seen a LCoS set yet.)

    3) ISF calibrating does technically void a warranty. Whether the manufacturer will actually do that because of an ISF calibration is a question I can't answer.


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