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    Well, only recently have I really gotten interested in the whole HT "thing", but I was in listening to some PSB and MOnitor audio speakers at one of the local hifi shops, and I was trying to imagine what they would sound like compared to a real theater. Mistake #2 was going next door for fun to hear some B&W nautilus' playing LOTR. Needless to say my jaw flew through the earth and well out of our solar system. The thing is, there is no way that that kind of amazing sound can happen in a theater, and it seems kind of silly now to go to the theater, when there is so much more you can get with even a basic mid-fi system.

    I recall watching Episode two here at the cinerama we have at Seattle, and I was less than impressed with the "state of the art THX certified" sound.

    Yep. It was loud, very loud, and I had my fingers in my ears through a couple spots. The LFE was AWESOME, but cmon, im young, and I had my fingers in my ears from mediocre sounding loudness? needless to say I was dissappointed. Shouldn't we be getting better sound from "state of the art" pro THX systems? It saddens me when for 200 bucks i can stay in my living room and have a much nicer experience...
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    Unless you have a front projection screen, I would think that you will miss the BIG screen. I know I do, for some movies.

    I do agree that theater sound in general is just OK.

    And THX wants to bring you THAT theater sound to your home?

    Oh yes I hate the cranked up volume in some movies. It makes some or parts of movies unbearable, one movie in mind was Lost In Space, the audio was horrible. And the volume was cranked to 11. I think it was a THX movie too.

    To be a bit contradictory, I do like (usually) THX at the movie theater. Just not in my home theater.

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