The Unreleased on DVD list - The 1960's (suggestions welcome)

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    I has so much fun making a 1970's list that I decided to do one for the 1960's too. These are films from the 1960's that have yet to be released on DVD in REGION 1. As with the 1970's list, this is for English language films only, again for easier manageability.
    I will update this list as soon as any of these films have been announced with a hard street date. I have also included some films that have been released on DVD but not in their proper OAR. I have listed these films with the word WIDESCREEN next to them.
    I welcome any suggestions of films from the 1960's you would like to see on DVD that are not on this list (or not in their proper OAR on DVD). I'm sure that I have left off a number of films that many of you would like to see on DVD. I, of course, will add them to the list.
    Please let me know what you think of this list, good or bad, I welcome any feedback you may have. Also, If I made any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks.
    3 Worlds of Gulliver, The
    5 Card Stud
    7 Women
    55 Days at Peking
    300 Spartans, The
    Absent Minded Professor, The
    Advance to the Rear
    Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, The
    Advise and Consent
    Agony and the Ecstasy, The
    Alfred the Great
    All Fall Down
    Alphabet Murders, The
    Ambushers, The
    America, America
    Americanization of Emily, The
    Angry Silence, The
    Anne of the Thousand Days
    Anniversary, The
    Any Wednesday
    Appaloosa, The
    Arrangement, The
    Assault on a Queen
    Atlantis, The Lost Continent
    Baby, The Rain Must Fall
    Bamboo Saucer, The
    Battle Beneath the Earth
    Battle of Britain
    Battle of the Bulge
    Beach Red
    Bed Sitting Room, The
    Bedford Incident, The
    Behold a Pale Horse
    Bellboy, The
    Bells Are Ringing
    Best Man, The
    Beyond the Time Barrier
    Big Hand for the Little Lady, A
    Big Mouth, The
    Biggest Bundle of Them All, The
    Billion Dollar Brain, The
    Billy Budd
    Birthday Party, The
    Black Zoo, The
    Blue Max, The
    Bofors Gun, The
    Born Free
    Boston Strangler, The
    Brides of Dracula
    Brides of Fu Manchu
    Brotherhood, The
    Bunny Lake is Missing
    Burn! (Quemada!)
    Burn, Witch, Burn! (Night of the Eagle)
    Bye Bye Braverman
    Cactus Flower
    Cardinal, The
    Caretaker, The
    Casino Royale
    Castle Keep
    Catch Us If You Can (Having a Wild Weekend)
    Chalk Garden, The
    Chapman Report, The
    Charge of the Light Brigade, The
    Charlie Bubbles
    Chase, The
    Cheyenne Autumn
    Child is Waiting, A
    Children of the Damned
    Children’s Hour, The
    Chimes at Midnight (Falstaff)
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – WIDESCREEN
    Cincinnati Kid, The
    Circus World
    Collosos: The Forbin Project
    Comancheros, The
    Come Blow Your Horn
    Comedians, The
    Comedy of Terrors, The
    Confessions of an Opium Eater
    Conqueror Worm, The (Witchfinder General)
    Countess From Hong Kong, A
    Crack in the Mirror
    Crack in the World
    Creation of the Humanoids
    Creeping Terror, The
    Curse of the Crimson Altar
    Curse of the Fly
    Curse of the Living Corpse
    Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
    Curse of the Werewolf
    Damned, The (These are the Damned)
    Dark of the Sun ( The Mercenaries)
    Day of the Triffids, The
    Days of Wine and Roses
    Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round
    Dead Ringer
    Deadly Affair, The
    Deadly Bees, The
    Deadly Companions, The
    Dear Brigitte
    Death of a Gunfighter
    Destination Inner Space
    Detective, The
    Devil at 4 O’Clock, The
    Devil Doll
    Devil’s Brigade, The
    Diary of a Madman
    Disorderly Orderly, The
    Don’t Make Waves
    Downhill Racer
    Dr Blood’s Coffin
    Dr Terror’s House of Horrors
    Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
    Duel at Diablo
    Earth Dies Screaming, The
    El Cid
    Errand Boy, The
    Evil of Frankenstein, The
    Experiment in Terror
    Eye of the Devil
    Face of Fu Manchu
    Fall of the Roman Empire
    Family Jewels, The
    Family Way, The
    Fanatic (Die! Die! My Darling!)
    Far From the Madding Crowd
    Fate is the Hunter
    Fearless Vampire Killers, The (Dance of the Vampires)
    Fine Madness, A
    Flesh Eaters, The
    Flight of the Phoenix
    Fool Killer, The
    Fox, The
    Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
    From the Terrace
    Frozen Dead, The
    Georgy Girl
    Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The
    Ghost in the Invisible Bikini
    Glass Bottom Boat, The
    Good Guys and the Bad Guys, The
    Gorgan, The
    Grand Prix
    Great Imposter, The
    Great Race, The
    Green Slime, The
    Group, The
    Guide for the Married Man, A
    Guns at Batasi
    Gypsy Moths, The
    Hamlet (Richardson)
    Hand of Death
    Happening, The
    Hard Day’s Night, A
    Haunted Palace, The
    Haunting, The
    Hell to Eternity
    Heller in Pink Tights
    Hello Down There
    Heroes of Telemark
    High Wind in Jamaica, A
    Hill, The
    Honey Pot, The
    Horror of Party Beach
    Hot Millions
    Hour of the Gun
    How to Murder Your Wife
    How to Save a Marriage
    How to Steal a Million
    Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte
    Hustler, The
    Hypnotic Eye, The
    I Could Go on Singing
    I Love You Alice B Toklas!
    Ice Palace
    Ice Station Zebra
    In Cold Blood
    In Like Flint
    In the Cool of the Day
    Incredible Mr. Limpet, The
    Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
    Inside Daisy Clover
    Interns, The
    Illustrated Man, The
    Island of Terror
    Italian Job, The
    It’s Only Money
    Incident, The
    Innocents, The
    In Search of the Castaways
    Justine (Cukor)
    Kind of Loving, A
    King of Kings
    King Rat
    Kiss Me Stupid
    Knack and How to Get It, The
    L-Shaped Room, The
    Ladies Man, The
    Lady in a Cage
    Lady in Cement
    Last of the Mobile Hot Shots
    Last Sunset, The
    Last Voyage, The
    Last Woman on Earth, The
    Leech Woman, The
    Legend of Lylah Clare, The
    Let’s Kill Uncle
    Let’s Make Love
    Life at the Top
    List of Adrian Messenger, The
    Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The
    Lonely Are the Brave
    Long Day’s Journey Into Night
    Lord Jim
    Lord Love a Duck
    Lost Command
    Lost World, The
    Love Bug, The
    Love God?, The
    Love With the Proper Stranger
    Loved One, The
    Lover Come Back
    Mad Monster Party
    Madwoman of Chaillot, The
    Magic Christian, The
    Magus, The
    Major Dundee
    Man’s Favorite Sport?
    Manster, The
    Masque of the Red Death
    Master of the World
    Merrill’s Marauders
    Mickey One
    Midnight Lace
    Misadventues of Merlin Jones, The
    Modesty Blaise
    Moon Zero Two
    Move Over Darling
    Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
    Murder Ahoy
    Murder at the Gallop
    Murder Most Foul
    Murder, She Said
    Murderer’s Row
    Mutiny on the Bounty
    Mysterious Island
    Naked Edge, The
    Naked Runner, The
    Nanny, The
    Navy Vs the Night Monsters, The
    Nevada Smith
    Night Creatures (Captain Clegg)
    Night Must Fall
    Night of the Big Heat
    Night of the Following Day, The
    Night of the Generals
    Night of the Iguana
    Night Walker, The
    No Love for Johnnie
    No Way to Treat a Lady
    None But the Brave
    North to Alaska
    Nothing but the Best
    Oblong Box, The
    Of Human Bondage
    Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad
    Oh! What a Lovely War
    Old Dark House, The
    Once Before I Die
    Once Upon a Time in the West
    One Eyed Jacks – WIDESCREEN
    One Million Years B.C.
    Operation Crossbow
    Oscar, The
    Our Man Flint
    Our Man in Havana
    Our Mother’s House
    Outrage, The
    Outsider, The
    Palm Springs Weekend
    Panic in Year Zero
    Paris Blues
    Patsy, The
    Pawnbroker, The
    Period of Adjustment
    Phantom of the Opera
    Phantom Planet, The
    Picture Mommy Dead
    Play Dirty
    Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
    Point Blank
    Poppies Are Also Flowers
    Power, The
    Premature Burial, The
    President’s Analyst, The
    Pretty Poison
    Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The
    Prize, The
    Producers, The
    Projected Man, The
    Psychopath, The
    PT 109
    Pumpkin Eater, The
    Queen of Blood
    Quiller Memorandum, The
    Rachel, Rachel
    Rain People, The
    Rare Breed, The
    Rat Race, The
    Raven The
    Red Line 7000
    Reflections in a Golden Eye
    Reluctant Astronaut, The
    Requiem for a Heavyweight
    Repulsion - WIDESCREEN
    Ride the High Country
    Robinson Crusoe on Mars
    Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, The
    Running Man, The
    Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, The
    Sailor From Gibraltar, The
    Sammy Going South (A Boy Ten Feet Tall)
    Sandpiper, The
    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    Satan Bug, The
    Scalphunters, The
    Scream and Scream Again
    Sea Gull, The
    Séance on a Wet Afternnon
    Secret Ceremony
    Secret of Santa Vittoria, The
    Secret War of Harry Frigg, The
    Send Me No Flowers
    Sergeant Rutledge
    Sergeants 3
    Seven Thieves
    Sex and the Single Girl
    Shakiest Gun in the West, The
    Ship of Fools
    Shoes of the Fisherman
    Silencers, The
    Sinful Davey
    Situation Hopeless…But Not Serious
    Skull, The
    Soldier in the Rain
    Son of Flubber
    Sons and Lovers
    Sorcerers, The
    Spy Who Came in From the Cold, The
    St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, The
    Stalking Moon, The
    Strangers When We Meet
    Strangler, The
    Stranglers of Bombay
    Summer and Smoke
    Sunday in New York
    Sundowners, The
    Sweet Bird of Youth
    Sweet Charity
    Sweet November
    Swimmer, The
    Tall Story
    Taras Bulba
    Taste of Honey, A
    Taste of Fear
    Tell Them Willie Boy is Here
    Term of Trial
    Terror of the Tongs
    Terrornauts, The
    Texas Across the River
    That Cold Day in the Park
    That Darn Cat!
    This Property is Condemned
    Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (Monte Carlo or Bust)
    Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
    Thousand Clowns, A
    Three into Two Won’t Go
    Three Stooges in Orbit, The
    Thrill Killers, The
    Thrill of it All, The
    Thunderbird Six
    Thunderbirds Are Go
    Tiger Makes Out, The
    Time Travelers, The
    Tomb of Ligeia, The
    Tony Rome
    Torture Garden
    Tower of London
    Toys in the Attic
    Trials of Oscar Wilde, The
    Trip, The
    Trouble With Angels, The
    Tunes of Glory
    Twelve to the Moon
    Twisted Nerve
    Two Faces of Dr Jekyll, The
    Two for the Road
    Two Mules for Sister Sara
    Two Rode Together
    Two Way Stretch
    Two Weeks in Another Town
    Ugly American, The
    Undefeated, The
    Underworld USA
    Unearthly Stranger
    Unforgiven, The
    Up the Down Staircase
    Valley of Gwangi
    Victor’s, The
    V.I.P.’s, The
    Village of the Damned
    Visit to a Small Planet
    Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
    Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
    Vulture, The
    Wait Until Dark
    Walk on the Wild Side
    War Game, The
    Warlord, The – WIDESCREEN
    Warning Shot
    Waterhole #3
    Way…Way Out
    Wecome to Hard Times
    What A Way to Go!
    What Did You Do in the War Daddy?
    What’s New Pussycat
    What’s Up Tiger Lilly
    Wheeler Dealers, The
    Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows
    Where Eagles Dare
    Where the Boys Are
    Where Were You When the Lights Went Out
    Whisperers, The
    Whistle Down the Wind
    Who’s Minding the Mint
    Who’s Minding the Store
    Wild River
    Will Penny
    With Six You Get Eggroll
    Wizard of Mars
    Woman Times Seven
    Women of the Prehistoric Planet
    Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The
    World of Henry Orient, The
    Wrecking Crew, The
    Wrong Arm of the Law, The
    Wrong Box, The
    Yellow Rolls-Royce, The
    Young Billy Young
    Young Cassidy
    Young Savages, The
    You’re A Big Boy Now
    Yours, Mine and Ours – WIDESCREEN
    Zorba the Greek
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    To add to the list:

    100 Rifles

    The Alamo (Restored and UNCUT)



    Five Weeks In A Balloon

    Gamera The Invincible

    It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Restored and UNCUT)

    King Kong vs. Godzilla (Widescreen)

    King Kong Escapes

    Take Her She's Mine

    War Of The Gargantuas

    When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

    And a special section for Toho kaiju flicks I'd like to see widescreen and subtitled in English.

    Destroy All Monsters


    Invasion Of The Astro Monster (Monster Zero)

    King Kong vs. Godzilla

    King Kong Escapes

    The Last War


    War Of The Gargantuas
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    Foreign films don't count. I hope these are all ok.

    40 Pounds of Trouble

    Boeing, Boeing

    Boy, Did I get a Wrong Number

    Call Me Bwana

    Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

    Good Neighbor Sam

    If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

    Impossible Years

    In Search of the Castaways

    King Solomon's Mines

    Man From the Diner's Club

    Moon Pilot

    Moon Spinners

    On the Double

    Prudence & the Pill

    Road to Hongkong

    Sam Whiskey

    Summer Magic

    Truth About Spring

    Wackiest Ship in the Army

    World of Suzie Wong

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    Ferry 'Cross the Mersey

    Go-Go Mania

    Having a Wild Weekend

    Hold On

    How I Won the War

    Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter

    TAMI Show
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    Blackbeard's Ghost

    Hello, Dolly!

    Mosby's Maruaders

    Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus

    The Ugly Dachshund
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    Rex Bachmann
    The only addition to your list that I have to make may not be an English-language film at all, but was dubbed(???)and released by Warner Bros. in 1969 as "The Damned" (
    The Italian title is "La Caduta degli Dei" ('The fall of the gods'). It starred Dirk Bogarde, Ingrid Thulin, Helmut Berger, among other Europeans, was directed by Luchino Visconti. Sex and decadence in Nazi Germany.
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    Thanks for mentioning Anne of 1000 days...

    one of my ALL TIME favorite films.

    Would love a gorgeous 16x9 DVD to replace my laserdisc. If it looks anything as good as The Lion in Winter I'll be happy as a clam!

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    Here's a pair from Frank Perry:



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    Here are some additional titles...

    Counterfeit Traitor, The

    Cry of Battle aka To Be A Man

    Day They Robbed the Bank of England, The

    Home from the Hill

    Ring of Spies aka Ring Of Treason

    Suspect aka Risk, The

    Terrible Beauty, A aka Night Fighters

    Woman of Straw

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    Here is my list of VHS tapes from the 60's that need DVD replacements.

    Act One

    Advise and Consent

    Agony and the Ecstasy, The

    America, America

    Americanization of Emily, The

    Baby the Rain Must Fall

    Bachelor Flat


    Before Winter Comes

    Bells Are Ringing

    Billy Budd

    Billy Rose's JUMBO

    Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, The

    Blue Max, The

    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice


    Cardinal, The

    Carpetbaggers, The

    Chairman, The


    Children's Hour, The

    Cincinnati Kid, The

    Collector, The

    Counterfeit Traitor, The

    Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The

    Days of Wine and Roses, The

    Detective, The

    Devil at 4 O'Clock, The

    Downhill Racer

    Enter Laughing

    Esther and the King


    Fall of the Roman Empire


    Far From the Madding Crowd

    55 Days at Peking

    Finian's Rainbow

    Flight of the Phoenix

    Flim-Flam Man, The

    Flower Drum Song

    Four Hosemen of the Apocalypse, The

    Fox, The


    Goodbye, Mr. Chips

    Great Imposter, The

    Hard Day's Night, A


    Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The

    Hello, Dolly!

    Hot Millions

    Hotel Paradiso


    Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte

    Hustler, The

    Inside Daisy Clover

    Is Paris Burning?


    Jokers, The

    Judgment at Nuremberg

    King Rat

    La Dolce Vita

    Leopard, The

    Light in the Piazza


    Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The

    Long Day's Journey into Night

    Love with the Proper Stranger

    Loved One, The

    Madwoman of Chaillot, The

    Majority of One, A

    Nevada Smith

    Never on Sunday

    Night of the Generals

    Night of the Igauna, The

    Night They Raided Minsky's, The

    No Way to Treat a Lady

    Occurrance at Owl Creek Bridge, An

    Oh! What a Lovely War'

    On the Double

    One, Two, Three

    Oscar Wilde

    Paper Lion


    Patch of Blue

    Pawnbroker, The

    Period of Adjustment

    Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The

    Prize, The

    Producers, The

    Purlie Victorious

    Reflections in a Golden Eye

    Requiem for A Heavyweight

    Road to Hong Kong, The

    Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The

    Romanoff and Juliet

    Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!, The

    Sandpiper, The

    Scorpio Rising

    Secret of Santa Vittoria, The


    Ship of Fools

    Shoes of the Fisherman, The

    Song Without End

    Sons and Lovers



    Sterile Cuckoo, The

    Story of Ruth, The

    Summer and Smoke

    Sundowners, The

    Sunrise at Campobello

    Sweet Bird of Youth

    Sweet Charity

    Swimmer, The

    Swing Kids

    This Property is Condemned

    Thoroughly Modern Millie

    Thousand Clowns, A


    Visit to a Small Planet

    Waltz of the Toreadors

    Where Eagles Dare

    Women in Love

    World of Henry Orient, The

    World of Suzie Wong, The

    Wrong Box, The

    Yellow Rolls-Royce, The

    Zorba the Greek

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