The Commish -- Episode 2 Cut (Music Rights Strike Again)

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Cory-C, Nov 20, 2004.

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    I just finished watching the 2nd episode of The Commish. I am too young to really remember the show on TV, but I got it because of Michael Chiklis (The Shield is one of the best shows on TV right now). Anyways, I watched episode 2 and at the end of the episode, a bunch of black men get pulled over and in order to prove that they are not who the cops think they are, they need to sing a song (they are a band headed to a gig). Right when The Commish tells them to sing, it cuts to him telling some cop to give the band a police escort to their gig.

    Now I assume there was actually some singing (this group may have even been some famous Motown group for all I know), but my guess is that it was cut because of music right's issues. This kind of stuff is really starting to tick me off because it is largely studios and distributors cutting corners to maximize profit, and in the meantime we are given cut episodes and product that is not the same as we remember it (in this case, it doesn't apply to me -- but the cut/editing is really weird for a first time viewing). If this band was unknown it probably wouldn't have cost that much to get the rights, and even if they were somewhat big, it still is only one song.

    Just wanted to point the cut out to those that we interested in the product. I am enjoying the show thus far -- Chiklis had the talent even back then. My only other complaint is that the transfer after the first episode is less than stellar .. in fact, it is pretty sub par (very similar to the Homicide discs if you have seen those).
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    Cory, I spoke to the authoring house that worked onthe discs and they said the poor quality is due to the condition of the masters. I got excited when I watched the pilot because it looked so good, but there's a huge different between the pilot and the other episodes.

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    It seems the discs Cannell licenses out through his own company have PQ and music replacement issues. Wiseguy, 21 Jump Street, and the Commish have all received similar complaints. I'm wary about the upcoming Greatest American Hero, and very glad Universal controls the A-Team.

    Sometimes, music replacement is inevitable, if hard to accept. When it involves characters in the story and requires a cut to the scene, I'll pass on the set.
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    The Commish debuted in 1991 so it's hardly a vintage show. The fact the masters are already deteriorating (if indeed they are) is troubling. Hopefully most production companies have instituted procedures to maintain and preserve their libraries.

    Although frustrating I can understand why some companies didn't invest in proper storage techniques originally. Even 10 years ago who would have thought that it would be economically viable to make entire seasons of a show available for mass consumption. There was a time when collectors had to buy 16mm copies of episodes to be able to enjoy them in their home.

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    I'm worried about "Hunter" myself...

    The show had quite a lot of background music that was popular, and Stepfanie Kramer, who played Dee Dee McCall, sang occasionally on the show (I recall seeing one episode where she sang REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling"...I recall it because the opening had her singing "And if I have to crawl across the floor/Come crashing through your door" and then they did a jump-cut to a door being slammed to the ground).


    John Kilduff...

    Yes, I like REO Speedwagon...What's it to you?[​IMG]

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