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Mar 8, 2001
Current system:
- Marantz SR7000
- Marantz CC3000 (5 dic changer)
- Marantz DV4100 (single dvd)
- Sound Dynamics RTS-9s (fronts, dual 6.5s + tweeter)
- Sound Dynamics C-2 (center, dual 5.25's + tweeter)
- Paradigm Mini Monotor (rears)
- Velodyne SPL-1200 (sub)
- Toshiba 32" standard tube TV

* FYI, API owns Sound Dyanmics, Mirage, and Energy .... (all sister companies)

All good stuff I bought about 4 years ago. But I've been out of the loop since then.

Here are my current gripes about the reciever:
- bass crossover is fixed at 100hz
- one channel level setup level for all modes (DD, 5-channel stereo, DTS, etc...
- when I set my main speakers to large, it cuts bass to the sub

What I'd really like is a reciever that will:
- have a lower sub cutoff
- different channel level setups for DD vs 5-channel stereo, etc...
- must have 5-channel stereo for typical tv viewing
- option to set mains to large w/o affecting the sub

The guy I talked to over the weekend said that any of the new Denon recievers will do this and the Marantz ones still don't. Any others? Even older models that do this. Overall I really want to spend the least amount possible to swap over to equipment that will address these issues. Also the Marantz remote is sweet, I'd like something thats nice and easy to use too ....

And what is DPLII exactly .... ??

Also, I want to get a new DVD changer to replace the CD changer and dvd player. That way I can sit and watch a bunch of music DVDs w/o swapping discs. Any cheap, good, players out there? I'd like it to be MP3 (for occasional use) and DVD-R capable too.

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