suggestions: 2500 budget, good sound, 50+

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  1. Mike Bollman

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    Sep 12, 2002
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    Ok everyone I have been lurking here for a few weeks and reading, but now I need some help. This will be my first rptv and I want a good, but I do have limits as well as requirements. So here we go:
    1)Budget - 2500 in the door (+ or - 200 is ok)
    2)HDTV capable - I do not need or want built in decoder
    3)Good on board sound - I know I know I need to hook this up to a real stereo, but I do not have one yet so I want decent on board audio.
    4)50+ inches in size - I am leaning towards the 55" model based on my room dimensions
    5)Good quality - no off brands or problem models please

    Right now I am seriously considering the mitsubishi WS55819 and the WS55809. I have found this through crazy eddie for around 2200 plus shipping (I'm in Texas). I was also considering the Toshiba HD82, but I have read that they have audio problems. Also, can anyone recommend any other places to look to get a decent deal?

    Thanks everyone for your help,

    Mike B.
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    try Onecall for good deals on tv's. if you buy a 16x9 they have listed in specials, you get 10% off and free shipping.

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