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    Hi, i've got a basic home theater setup in a 12' x 15' room. My house is brick vaneer so the walls of the room are plywood. I have my sub woofer placed in the front left hand corner of the room.

    When playing movies or music with deep bass the sound from my subwoofer (150w with 10" driver) seems to all be resonating on the right hand side of the room. Its extremely annoying. I dont mind a lil resonance cos i cant really afford too much to deal with it but when its localised to one side its unbearable.

    The only position that seems to get rid of the one sided resonance is if i put the sub slap bang in the middle of the room! It obviously isnt the ideal position.

    Is there anyway i can get around this problem without having to spend any cash or putting it in the middle of the room?
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    First, welcome to the Forum!

    About the only thing you can do “on the cheap” is get the sub as far away from the offending wall as possible. Beyond that you will probably have to tear out the sheetrock and find out what behind the wall is vibrating


    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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