Subwoofer placement (are they truly non-directional)?

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    Please help me out. First, let me say that I have read in this forum that it is best to crawl on the floor of your room to locate the best place for a sub -- I can't do that. Because of architectural constraints, I must place my sub in 1 of 3 spaces:

    1. The preferred place is in a nook on the front, right side of my room, in a wall. I can cut a grill opening through the wall to allow sound to come out, but the grill opening will be facing away from the seating area (toward the front of the room and toward the front, right speaker), about three feet from the front of the room. This is the ideal spot, so if subs are really non-directional, please let me know because it would save me lots of headaches.


    2. Directly next to my tv in the front of the room.


    3. In the back, right corner of the room, underneath the right rear speaker.

    I would like your opinion if you think location #1 can work. I am indifferent about 2 or 3, but would like your opinion as to where you have had more sucess with better sound.

    Thanks in advance.
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