subtle color banding on Pioneer DV-440

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Mike Romo, Apr 11, 2004.

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    hello, everyone--

    I was busy demoing my new speakers, I finally upgraded and was able to buy some nice PSB Image 2B to replace my really small mains, and I began to notice something that had tripped me up before but I hadn't really focused on.

    I have a Pioneer DV-440. It's a solid basic DVD player; the reviews I have read have been overwhelmingly positive, and for the setup I am using (non progressive scan system, using high quality component video cables to a 32" Toshiba (CZ32V51, I think) TV), it sounded pretty fantastic.

    Indeed, this thing is good, but whilst watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" I noticed that I could see very, very faint "bands" throughout the picture. they weren't going up and down, like a bad TV signal, they just looked like something related to how the signal was being displayed. I checked other DVDs and it was there as well. I checked and the "fine filter" or whatever was turned off...the lines were very easy to see in broad stretches of the picture, like walls or backs of chairs, it just wasn't smooth.

    it's hard to explain but I am going to assume that anyone who has had similar problems will probably recognize what I am talking about. I guess I was hoping to from other DV-440 owners, or others who have seen the same thing, to see if I just need a better DVD player.

    anyway, thanks for your time. I just realized I can test this using the (bleaccht) DVD player on my XBox to compare..

    any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Are the bands pink and aqua coloured and horizontal? I had this happen with a Sony 7700 and Sony 32" XBR250 set, the last analog XBR, BTW, using component cables. Easiest solution, IMO, is switch to an S-video cable. S-video works just fine for non-HD sets. I doubt your player is the problem. I strongly suspect that your TV could be adjusted on the service menus to function better with component video from the Pioneer, but why bother...? Good luck and best wishes![​IMG]

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