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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Doug Miller, Jan 23, 2004.

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    Doug Miller
    Living here in Seattle I get KJR and the Fox Sports Radio Network. I'm looking for more live sports radio links on the internet -- quite honestly I'm getting really sick of KJR (who I've listened to for over 10 years) and Fox Sports is pretty good, but I'd like to here other markets stations. (As well as an all day ESPN radio link so I can listen to Dan Patricks show) It's funny (not really), I can find tons of homepages of sports radio stations, but I haven't found any others with listen live links. Really interested in Boston and Chicago links, but neither of their stations appeared to have Listen Live capability. is the local sports radio, they have a listen live link if anyone is interested.

    Your turn.

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    I'm not surprised its hard for you to find stations with listen live links. In recent years, it seems that a lot of people have become protective of their content. Its getting harder to find stations that carry live game broadcasts of NBA/MLB/NHL/NFL games because all those leagues have pay packages so they try and restrict what gets sent over the air. The same is also true for sports talk shows that are sindicated out like Jim Rome and others. I don't know if your going to find an over the air website that plays the Dan Patrick show.

    I have links, but they're all common and all national. ESPN Radio, of course Sporting News Radio and Sports Byline USA but I don't think that any of these 3 have what your looking for with the acception of listening links, I'm listening to Sporting News Radio right now.

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