Splitting Component video... and a Q about my HDTV

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Josh Q S, Jun 10, 2003.

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    I was wondering if it's possible to split component video? I have an HDTV but only one of the 2 component-inputs supports progressive scan. I'd like to split the input so that I can hook my DVD player and Xbox (and Gamecube if a 3rd split is possible) without having to unplug and replug all those cables :/

    Here's my idea to split the signal:

    Buy 3 pairs of high-quality RCA video splitters and plug them into each of the 3 video inputs on the back of my HDTV. Of course I'd want as short of a splitter as possible, perhaps one that's just a hunk of gold plated metal with no wires. I asked about this to a couple of guys from the local ABC Warehouse, and although they never tried it, they said it might work. However, they also said it could damage my HDTV if I had both the Xbox and DVD player running at the same time. What do you guys think?

    I've heard about these component splitters out there, but I can't justify spending over 50 bucks on something that can be remedied with 10 bucks in splitters...

    Here's the question about my HDTV (not related to component splitting)

    Whenever there's a bright spot of bright text, for example (anything bright) on a dark background, I get these slightly brighter lines that extend from the edges of the bright object to the edge of the screen in a horizontal line. For example, let's say we're looking at a credits screen on my HDTV. If you look at the white text on the black background, you'll notice faint white horizontal lines that extend from the text to the edges of the screen.

    Let me see if I can draw what I'm talking about:




    pretend the text is actually white on black, and where you see the * is a faint white line the height of the text.

    Here are the specs of my HDTV:


    Any help on either of these topics would be much appreciated.
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    Spend the money on a switcher, you may add something in the future that requires another component input. As far as the white lines, it sounds like maybe you have your contrast turned up to far? What is it set at?


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