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    Dec 19, 2001
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    I would like some help placing my front left speaker. The image below shows my layout - TV in the corner between the fireplace and windows (the narrow box drawn behind the love seat). The red boxes are for the rear speakers, the green is the front right, and the purple is the subwoofer (could still move to other side of TV or behind - not sure). Center (not shown) will go on top of the TV.
    My question is which of the 2 blue boxes represents the best location for my front left speaker. I am afraid the one closest to the TV will not give enough separation between the left and right (approx. only 6 ft. apart), but I am concerned the other is too far away (approx. 15 ft. from TV - sofa, which is the planned sweet spot, is approx. 20 ft. from TV). And since the fireplace is in the middle, I really don't see any other options. Any suggestions?
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    Neil Joseph
    Um, can you try that diagram agin?

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