Sony STR-D2020 center channel speaker hookup

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    This is an older Receiver/Amplifier (~10 years) and I have used it all along with 2 main speakers plus 2 surround sound speakers. I knew it had center speaker capability but just have not implemented it. So the other day I bought a JBL center speaker. When I attempted to hook it up, I was surprised to find there are NO speaker connections for a center speaker. Rather there are line out RCA jacks. To further complicate things, there are 2 line out jacks, L and R, labeled on the unit as "Center out".
    Obviously I need an amplifier between the line out and the speaker. That's annoying, but I can do that. But what is confusing to me is the stereo connections to the center speaker. I thought the center speaker was monorual.
    I have the original manual, and on the hookups page it shows these line out jacks connected to "Power amplifier or active speakers". OK, even more confusion, next to the line out jacks is another pair of jacks, labeled (on the amplifier as "PRE out"). In the manual these are pictorially shown as connecting to "Monitor TV or an amplifier fo center speakers". There is no further discussion of center speaker hookup, but there is an extensive section on how to set up the level on all the speakers including the center speaker. On these pages, the singular is always used. It's called "center speaker". There are also "center speaker level" buttons on my remote.
    Sorry for the wordy post, but I just wanted to insure you understand the situation. So, my question is 'what do I do'? Hook up a monoraul amp from the Left speaker out jack to my new JBL center speaker? Mix the two outputs together (probably can't just "Y" then together, right?)? Buy another center speaker, and use a stereo amp? I don't really want to do this. Or just forget the whole thing and take the JBL back to the store? Your comments will be greatly appreciated!
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    The SIGNAL to the center WILL be monaural, which means even though you send a stereo signal to the external amp, you will only be getting a mono signal at the speaker since you will only have a single connection from whatever amp you use. The intent may have been that you could have two centers, or as you mentioned, it could output to a TV (stereo) to be used as a center.

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