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Press Release Shout Select Press Release: Over The Edge (1979) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder (1 Viewer)

Ronald Epstein

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Jul 3, 1997
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Los Angeles, CA – Shout! Studios will release the cult favorite Over The Edge on Blu-ray™ on March 5, 2024, as part of the studio’s Shout Select line. The release boasts new bonus features, including a 2k Scan From The Interpositive, “Watch Out For Children – Making Over The Edge” - an interview with director Jonathan Kaplan, “Coming Of Age – Writing Over The Edge” – an interview with screenwriter Charlie Haas, “My Father Told Me – Scoring Over The Edge” – an interview with Jonathan Kaplan about his father, composer Sol Kaplan, and more.

Filled with top-notch performances – including that of Matt Dillon in his screen debut – and backed by an anthemic soundtrack featuring Van Halen, The Ramones, The Cars, and Cheap Trick, Over The Edge sounds an unforgettable warning to any society that makes no place for its children.

Welcome to New Granada, the planned suburban paradise hailed as “tomorrow’s city … today.” But something’s been left out of the plans. One quarter of the town’s population is under the age of 15. And while the adults scramble to boost the resale value of New Granada’s stores, offices, and condos, the kids are left to discover their own values – and come up with enough drugs, booze, and discontent to push themselves and the entire community Over The Edge.

Shout! Studios is a multi-platform media company specializing in film and TV distribution, development, and production. The company has evolved with the changing entertainment landscape to excel in all forms of content distribution, including theatrical, digital streaming, broadcast and in-flight licensing, physical media, and more. Shout! Studios owns and manages a large portfolio of contemporary and classic feature films, series, animation, and documentaries. The company’s creative acquisition mandate has established it as a leading independent distributor, with partners and properties including Aardman Animations, ALF, The Carol Burnett Show, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, the Roger Corman New Horizons Pictures Library, GKIDS, Studio Ghibli, ITV Studios, The Johnny Carson Show, LAIKA Studios, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (in partnership with creator Joel Hodgson), and Sesame Street, alongside many others. Shout! Kids focuses on live-action and animated kids and family properties including anime, and the company releases genre and horror films and television shows under the Scream Factory imprint. Shout! Studios also produces, acquires, and distributes new films, and operates the acclaimed streaming service Shout! TV and its family of FAST channels. Shout! Studios is based in Los Angeles, California. For more on Shout! Studios, visit ShoutStudios.com

Over The Edge Bonus Features

· NEW 2k Scan From The Interpositive
· NEW “Watch Out For Children – Making Over The Edge” - Interview With Director Jonathan Kaplan
· NEW “Coming Of Age – Writing Over The Edge” - Interview With Screenwriter Charlie Haas
· NEW “My Father Told Me – Scoring Over The Edge” - Interview With Jonathan Kaplan About His Father, Composer Sol Kaplan
· “Wide Streets + Narrow Minds” A 7-Part Retrospective Documentary
· Audio Commentary With Director Jonathan Kaplan, Producer George Litto, And Writers Tim Hunter & Charlie Haas
· Audio Commentary With Actor Michael Kramer And Journalist Mike Sacks
· Isolated Music And Effects Track
· “Destruction: Fun or Dumb?” – The Full Educational Video Excerpted Within The Film
· Theatrical Trailer
· German Theatrical Trailer
· UK VHS Promo
· TV Spots

Thank you for supporting HTF when you preorder using the link below. As an Amazon Associate HTF earns from qualifying purchases. If you are using an adblocker you will not see link.

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Wow that glowing eyeball illustration is a really odd choice for a cover! -- trying to give the film a "Village of the Damned" science fiction quality?

Just no!

But the film is wonderful IMHO so the cover is a trifling concern.

Not that this is pertinent, but I saw the film when I believe it was a first-run in NYC. It was playing in the tiny theater that used to be located within the Plaza hotel -- you went through an entrance on 59th Street and then down a staircase to a small theater with very few seats. Lots of red velvet. The night I saw the film, it had started and I was basically alone in the theater, but two latecomers arrived. I turned to look at them and was shocked that the couple were Priscilla Presley and her then-boyfriend, Michael Edwards. They were dressed to the nines and looked simply stunning. The movie was so interesting that I soon forgot about their presence, but have always wondered why on earth they were at this particular movie since it has always been relatively unknown -- a cult film really. I ended up assuming they were staying at the Plaza and just wanted to see a movie and it was right there with no crowds etc.

Anyway that's all.


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Nov 15, 2004
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Wow that glowing eyeball illustration is a really odd choice for a cover! -- trying to give the film a "Village of the Damned" science fiction quality?

Just no!
That's basically the (lousy) image that was used for the one-sheet. Like you said, I think they were trying to make it look like the movie was about evil Village Of The Damned-style kids

Winston T. Boogie

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I was trying to figure out why I thought I already had this on Blu-ray...then realized because I do. I have the Arrow release from 2021. It is a great release, loaded with special features, they went all out with it. It is a great film, I saw it back in the 1980s, I think it was also one of those films that got some play on early pay TV.

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