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Press Release Shout Factory Press Release: The Jackie Chan Collection, Volume 2 (1983-1993) (Blu-ray) (1 Viewer)

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Unbeatable. Unstoppable. Undeniable. Jackie Chan stands alone among action heroes thanks to his death-defying stunts, unparalleled fight scenes, and his signature sense of humor. An international superstar, Chan has thrilled fans around the globe for decades. As the standard bearer for martial arts action, Chan has forged a legacy that never has nor will be matched.
Presented here are eight classic films which showcase the unique mixture of martial arts, action, and comedy that has made Jackie Chan a cultural icon.

WINNERS AND SINNERS (1.85:1 / Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 108 min.)
Just released from prison, five steadfast friends do their very best to stay out of trouble, but quickly find themselves involved in an all-out war!

WHEELS ON MEALS (2.35:1 / Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / 107 min.)
As they operate a food truck in Spain, two friends are called upon to use their martial arts expertise to help protect a pickpocket from a ruthless gang.

THE PROTECTOR (1.85:1 / English DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo & 5.1 / U.S. Cut (95 min.) / Hong Kong Cut (92 min.))
When the daughter of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped, two New York City cops travel to Hong Kong to make trouble for the nefarious drug lord they suspect is behind the crime.

TWINKLE, TWINKLE LUCKY STARS (2.35:1 / Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / Hong Kong Cut (94 min.) / Extended Cut (107 min.))
The Five Lucky Stars are tasked with protecting the friend of an assassinated police informant while the Police Chief and her team try to root out an illegal drug operation.

ARMOUR OF GOD (2.35:1 / Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / Hong Kong Cut (98 min.) / International Cut (88 min.))
Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan), an adventurer dealing in antiquities, is sent on a quest through Europe after he discovers a mysterious sword and Satanic monks kidnap his ex-girlfriend.

ARMOUR OF GOD II: OPERATION CONDOR (2.35:1 / Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono / Extended Cut (117 min.) / Hong Kong Cut (107 min.))
Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) is on a mission in the Sahara to lay claim to hidden WWII Nazi gold. But three female sidekicks and a team of ruthless mercenaries may have different ideas for the treasure.

CRIME STORY (1.85:1 / Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono & 5.1 / 107 min.)
Fighting his own personal demons, Inspector Eddie Chan must find a kidnapped businessman, a task which will put him in the line of fire from mobsters and a double-crossing agent.

CITY HUNTER (1.85:1 / Cantonese DTS-HD Master Audio Mono, Cantonese, English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 / 100 min.)
A special agent assigned to protect a well-to-do businessman gets more than he bargains for when his charge is kidnapped during an ambush. Teaming up with a detective, he soon finds that not all is as it seems ...


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