Samsung HD 1080i input and DVD / XBOX, what the heck is going on?

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    “Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.”
    Okay, I need some input. I just bought a Samsung HCL4715W Hi Def widescreen RPTV, and it is an incredible set, but something weird is happening with the 1080i input. Either that or I’m a complete tool and I’m missing something. I’m willing to accept either scenario is a possibility [​IMG]
    This is gonna get involved, so hang in there:
    On my HDTV there are 2 component inputs: 1 marked for 480p and 1 for 10801. I currently use 1 for my Progressive Scan DVD player, and the other for my XBOX. When I use the 1080i input for the DVD player it looks outstanding when it is in Progressive Scan Mode. When I switch the DVD player to interlaced mode, the picture became completely scrambled, transparent and seemingly split down the middle and pushed to the sides of the screen (I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but I don't know how else to explain it!).
    Next, when I have the XBOX on the same input (1080i) the initial XBOX console menu is scrambled the same way, so that it's impossible to make out what is on the user menu on the screen. But, when in actual game mode the PQ is, again, spectacular. The XBOX is set up correctly for 16x9 1080i output.
    Now on the other input (480p), both machines look great in all modes.
    What the?!?!?
    I do not yet have an HD STB, so I have been unable to test either input with a 720p or 1080i signal.
    This is a problem because I would like to keep the XBOX on the 1080i input, because it is capable of 1080i output (though, no current games take advantage of this just yet). Also I am very concerned that there is a problem with the 1080i input that will affect when I do get a HD set top box down the road, causing similar problems with HD/SD signals. Yikes!
    So to make a long story short (Too late for that):
    Component Input 1 (1080i): 480p DVD good. 480i DVD messed up. XBOX (480p) in-game good. XBOX menu screen messed up.
    Component Input 2 (480p): All Xbox and all DVD modes good.
    So what is the problem? Can it be fixed? Do I need to have a Replacement delivered before the first 30 days is up?
    So,There you are. Are you sorry you asked?
    Sorry about this voluminous tome. Thanks for your time, opinions and advice!
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    my xbox did the same exact thing on my 27" digital samsung tv. The one component input had 2 ways of accessing it, one was component in, the other was DTV in. I had it hooked up to the DTV in , and the menu would not work, so i had to switch to component for the menu. The reason the tv does this is because it can't automatically switch between 480i and 480p.
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    The Xbox games run in 480p currently. The menu runs in 480i. When you send a progressive signal to an input set to receive a interlaced signal, you get the scrambled picture. I just built a 3 in, 2 out switchbox that lets me switch between my Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2, and whether the signal goes to the progressive or non progressive component input.
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    If the XBOX outputs 480p (and for future games, 1080i) but outputs 480i for its own menus, that is bad news. It should at least be consistent with itself. The manufacturer needs a little prodding to put the necessary upconversion in the XBOX so you can manually select one kind of output.
    Lots of TV's use separate input jack sets for HD and non-HD input, some require a switch or manual menu selection for 480i, 480p, etc.
    Josh, I conclude from what you described that your TV autoselects between 1080i and 480p only using its HD input and autoselects between 480p and 480i only using its DVD input.
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