Samsung 42" RP- HDTV Compatible Questions

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    Aug 25, 2002
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    I bought this in August and have a couple of general questions, if anyone can help:

    1) When I try to watch a DVD in Cinema Mode (which switches a letterbox to 16:9, filling the screen), most of the time the screen is full but once in a while, it automatically switches back to letterbox format, Cinema mode still on...really annoying.
    Why? Is this common?

    2) It has a Perfect Focus feature and also Manual Convergence? Which is better? I have made the time consuming Manual Convergence adjustments and just now did the Perfect Focus feature and they both look the same to me. Did I waste time with the Manual process?
    I was thinking about "calibrating" with one of thos professional DVDs but am afraid it might be more wasting of time. Will one of those DVDs really make a difference in picture or are those differences only noticeable to a super duper expert?

    3) Will a Progressive Scan DVD player rally make a difference in picture or just slightly better to the naked eye?

    Hope you guys can help!
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    Feb 14, 2002
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    Which model do you have? I have the HCM-4215W.
    1) Some movies have a higher aspect ratio that the Cinema Mode zoom might not account for (not sure since I've never used it). But in any event, you ought to just be using the Wide mode anyways! What are you doing cropping off the sides like that?! [​IMG]
    2) I've found the manual convergence to be better, and is it really that time consuming? Only takes about a minute per color. I've haven't calibrated with a calibration disc, but it's probably best to do so to get the contrast, color, sharpness, brightness, etc, settings just right.
    3) My model has the progressive scan upconversion, and the picture quality is very noticeably inferior to the output of my progressive scan DVD player (JVC XV-S500BK). I'd definitely recommend getting a progressive scan DVD player, especially with a RPTV.
    Hope this helps.

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