Roan Group titles as low as $1.99 each, through 1/26!

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by David Lawson, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. David Lawson

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    Sep 11, 2000
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    I mentioned this deal in a Home Theater Software thread, but it bears repeating.

    The Troma online store has numerous Roan Group DVD's on sale for as low as $1.99 each! Shipping is unnecessarily high at $8.00 for the first disc and $1.50 for each additional disc, but a six disc order will come in around $30 shipped, so it's not horrible by any stretch. The sale is good until January 26, according to the site.

    EDIT: The online store was having problems earlier, but looks to be back up and running. Credit goes to DVD Talk for first posting this deal.
  2. Mark Zimmer

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    The $1.99 prices are still up on the Troma website, even though it's past 1/26, in case you're a latecomer. Quite a few of the best titles (White Zombie, etc.) are sold out, though. I only found 2 that I had an interest in and the shipping made that prohibitive. But if you can find 6 or 7 you want that makes for an excellent deal.

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