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Revolutions In Sound: Warner Bros. Records-The First Fifty Years (1 Viewer)

Marco S

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 17, 2000
From Top40 Charts/ Warner Bros. Records: "The 50th anniversary of the founding of Warner Bros. Records will be capped with the December 9th release of Revolutions In Sound, a 240-page hard cover book accompanied by a USB flash drive containing 320 recordings reflecting the company's stature one of the most consistently successful labels in history and home to some of the most influential and innovative artists in contemporary music.
With exclusive interviews, never-before-seen photographs and insider accounts of how the hits were born, Revolutions in Sound celebrates the first fifty years of a company where music and legends are made.

It's the "ultimate" box set, highlighted by the book authored by music historian and educator Warren Zanes. The accompanying USB memory key, shaped like the WB logo, is loaded with iconic music that is the equivalent of a 20 CD set. The collection reflects the diversity of the music released by Warner Bros., Reprise, Sire and affiliated labels from 1958 to the present day. The tracks follow the evolution of Warner Bros. Records, from fledgling record label, started by a movie mogul in the middle of the last century to its status today as one of the preeminent music content companies in the world."

A ten CD box set with smaller booklet will also be released, hopefully in re-mastered stereo. I went through the track listings. I bought many of the 45's listed when they came out. It's a perfect Christmas Wish for me.

John Watson

Jul 14, 2002
Very interesting!

I bought a mono edition of the Ed Byrne's LP about 77 Sunset Strip a year or so ago. It must have been one of the first hits the label had. (And I wasn't crazy about the stereo cd of the album that came out a few years ago.

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