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    Got 9.2, any insiders wanna post the review...
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    Closing Comments
    Some may find the single-player game in Red Faction II a little short, but after blazing through on your first try, there's probably still several secondary objectives left to complete, and three levels of difficulty to experience. As you progress, the game lets you jump back into the campaign at several different chapter stops, so you can mop up the extra objectives without having to play through the entire quest all over again. The better episodes are enough fun to bear revisiting, too -- I love the battle armor shootouts in the Nano Lab.
    In between highlights like those, this is a very solid, well-produced first-person shooter. Volition still shows some room for improvement when it comes to level design, spots of AI, and implementing the vast potential of the Geo-Mod concept (oh, and the screenwriting could use a little work), but what problems exist here are only brief blips in a long stretch of consistently entertaining destruction. Between that and the improved multiplayer mode, Red Faction II offers more than your money's worth this season.

    -- David Smith

    The story-driven presentation keeps the action moving (even if the screenplay could use work) and the interface is much improved (better weapon-swapping especially). 9.0
    A big improvement in every area -- fast framerate, great background detail, lighting and special effects serve as fine wrapping for the destruction. 9.3
    The voice acting's failings are mainly the fault of the writing, and the soundtrack is unusually effective in a low-key way 8.5
    Great first-person control is the centerpiece, surrounded by strong weapon and level design. There are a few spots where progression needs work, but they're relatively uncommon. 9.3
    Lasting Appeal
    The multiplayer mode is the biggest asset here, but the single-player game will probably draw you back as well.
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    Is there 16x9 support?

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