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    Neil Joseph
    If I have a sonosub that has no built in amplifier and I need external amplification, can I take the LFE out from my receiver and route to one of the L-R inputs that I am not using, then take the L-R out and connect that to the sonosub?
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    If I understand your setup, no you can't. I presume you have an HT receiver with digital connects from sources such as DVD player. Your "unused inputs" are not unused. The jacks are there as an alternative source if you used an ecternal DAC. All 5 amp channels are spoken for. What you can do is dig up some funky old receiver or amp from the attic or a garage sale and use it- sub out to any input such as "aux", then speaker wire to the sub. A 70's vintage Sansui amp or receiver for example would be perfect.

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