RCA HDTV VGA/Component Video Adapter Kits for sale

Joe Miller

Nov 11, 2001
I have 6 RCA HDTV VGA/Component Video Adapter Kits for sale(Great for use with RCA DTC-100). They are all brand new and unopened except for one that I opened to take pics of incase I sold them on ebay. However, I want you guys to have first pick. I will sell them for 50.00 each including fed-ex ground shipping. Email me at [email protected] with any questions. I checked all over the web and the best price I could find was 90.00 without shipping. Here are the features:
Product Features: HDTV VGA/Component Video Adapter Kit
Adapts RGB Output from Digital Set-top boxes to Y, Pr, Pb for HDTV Monitors
VGA/component video (Y Pr Pb)* adapter
Compatible with RCA DTC100 Digital Set-Top Box
Tri-Level Sync +/- 300mV p-p, (complies with EIA 770.3 standard)
2 Ft. VGA cable
6 Ft. component video cable
12 Volt DC power supply
RBG video with H and V sync on an industry
standard DB15-S VGA connectorRGB input levels 700 mV p-p
RGB input levels 700 mV p-p
H & V sync levels 5 volt TTL
Y, Pb, Pr video on gold-plated RCA jacks
Y, PB, Pr levels 700 mV p-p
Y, Pb, Pr color format is ATSC standard for HDTV (SMPTE-274M)
Y signal includes tri-level* sync
Tri-level sync +/- 300 mV p-p (complies with EIA 770.3 standard)
*Horizontal sync is standard tri-level format. Vertical sync is bi-level.

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